Emily face case

Emily shared her Homeopathic case intake. She suffers with insomnia, migraines and muscle pain.

"If I am still up past about 10 pm anxiety increases about getting to sleep. Fear that I will not sleep and be a disaster for the next day".



Emily's case has been a challenge with a number of remedy changes via email and a second set of photos

See Emily's 2nd video taken in February 2023


Emily didn't give up - see her March 2023 video - after 14 remedies and 3 sets of photos the case finally starts to move

"Nervous to say it – I don’t want it to go away – I slept 4 nights without any sleeping pills – on day 10 and never got through 10 days on a remedy – I went to bed like a normal person – I didn’t have the rush of panic” “I have levelled good energy all day long – not high or low – I get a lot more done – I don’t want to jinx it”

See Emily's 3rd video taken in March 2023