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VCCH (Grant Bentley) developed HFA the method, HFA books and HFA online training for different training groups over more than 20 years.

Depending on your background, the books and courses can be done in a particular order that will work best for you.

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VCCH has been operating since 1989. Online since 2010. We developed Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) to help us find remedies more easily in the clinic. Finding remedies for chronic care is a skill that can take many years to attain. We found HFA took our students to a consistent level in a much shorter amount of time. We have written our online courses for students and practitioners of Homeopathy and have now added an introduction course to help those new to Homeopathy. Contemporary Homeopathic courses – with most emphasis on the qualities of remedies rather than how to find a strong acting remedy – are usually between 2000 and 4000 hours. HFA training has been written to include all aspects of clinical training with focus on how to find a remedy. Our training (flexible modules) takes between 80-120 hours. Private mentoring sessions (usually 3-5) will finalize your knowledge.


Why HFA is such a consistent method

Using the face to determine the underlying blueprint (miasm in Homeopathic terms) leads the practitioner to a small group of remedies that are most likely to resonate with the patient. Facial analysis takes a few months to learn. Traditional courses take years and involve studying larger numbers of remedies. This process can be complex and never-ending. HFA is about simple processes and clear pathways to choosing remedies.


The HFA courses

  • Introduction – a short 7.5 hour course comprised of 10 hours of learning – suited to non-Homeopaths or as a refresher for basic principles
  • HFA Advanced Practitioner Course (APC) – 30 hours – 40 short classes – including cases (class only). Designed for clinical practice with basic theoretical principles. This course was recorded in 2021 and includes the latest case management tips
  • HFA foundation course – 80 hours – 21 long classes including 10 cases (some full video) and the Soul & Survival principles which underpin the HFA model. This course was designed for students with some Homeopathic training but is suited to anyone who has done the intro course. This course was recorded in 2011



  1. Appearance & Circumstance (2003) – theory of miasms, intro to HFA, basic facial analysis
  2. Homeopathic Facial Analysis (2006) – facial analysis for the clinic
  3. Soul & Survival (2008) – principles of energetic motion and behaviour behind HFA
  4. How Aphorism 27 Changed the World (2012) – detailed examination of The Organon 6th edition (Samuel Hahnemann 1843) in relation to HFA and contemporary Homeopathy
  5. Pandas – Reaching Out – a natural homeopathic approach (2016)
  6. The HFA Workbook (2021) – facial analysis for the clinic (updated from 2006)


New to Homeopathy

Books - start with no 6 (clinical) – then 3 (energetic principles) – leaving 1 and 4 optional (no 6 and 3 are available on Amazon from your country) – 5 Pandas is written for patients and shows how homeopathy (HFA) can work

CoursesIntro then APC followed by HFA foundation if you want some deeper info after covering the full HFA process


Comparing traditional Homeopathy to HFA

Books - start with no 6 (clinical), no 1 (comparative theory and beginnings of HFA), no 4 (comparative theory)

CoursesIntro is refresher only - then APC followed by HFA foundation to understand the transition from contemporary Homeopathy back to classical Homeopathy and HFA


Complete view of HFA – best order

Books - 6, 3, 1, 4, 5 (no 6 is an updated version of no 2)

Courses – Intro for reminder of important basics - then APC followed by HFA foundation to understand the transition from contemporary Homeopathy back to classical Homeopathy and HFA


Other tools

  • Repertorisation software (clinical – must have for remedy graphing – we can advise on which to choose)
  • Facial analysis software (optional fast track learning facial analysis)


HFA learning modules - overview

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