Latest Facial Features


The college has tested more than 75 features and allocated them to the three primary miasms (colour groups) since 2001.  These features are found in the HFA books and also the HFA professional facial analysis wizard.

Lines - comment

Forehead lines are often over-rated.  We have added the new photo where the eyebrows are raised to determine the depth of the forehead lines when the face is animated.  However beware that this photo makes almost everyone look as if they have forehead lines, so only include the feature where the lines are very deep or plentiful.  If in doubt put a ? and consider with caution for the overall analysis. 

New Features

Upper lip thin with lower lip full - 1 yellow point and 1 red point (confirmed)

The following features are currently being tested and have not yet been confirmed.  If your patient has any of these features add as a ? to the final analysis

Cleft - end of the nose - RED

Cleft - lip - RED

Gums show above upper teeth and below lower teeth on smiling - RED x 2

Multiple lines - above the upper lip - YELLOW

Diagonal lines - forehead - both sides - YELLOW

Jutting forward chin (on profile chin extends well in front of the mouth) - BLUE OR YELLOW?

Multiple lines - both sides of nose - YELLOW