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(February 2005)
Case by Louise Barton


Male aged 8 comes to clinic with bedwetting, emotional issues and a tendency to accidents. He has just changed schools as he was emotionally stressed at his old school. His mother describes that he was always on the verge of tears or was extremely angry. Before starting at his new school (two weeks ago), he was very worried and removed from his family. He would anger easily and hold his face. His mother says it is as if he will explode and he is so frustrated he wants to throw things. When he is upset like this he will run out of the house and to the end of the block.

He has always been an angry child and as a toddler would bang his head on the floor. Hitting his brother or sister has been another way of expressing this anger. Generally he prefers to play with older children and has no special friends - he loves sport. As an infant he had a lot of trouble teething and this was always worse during the night and during his sleep. He also suffered with eczema on his cheeks and neck.

As a baby he was very loud and angry - his older brother is only one year ahead of him and he has always tried to keep up with everything his brother has done. Last year the family went on a holiday to another state and he was very tearful. On one day he cried the whole day and wanted to go home. His mother is unsure if he was better or worse for sympathy during this time. She described him as inconsolable. Since coming home he has generally been more weepy. At his old school he refused to go in the mornings and expressed anxiety that something might happen to his mother. Even a small bump would reduce him to tears.

He has always been sensitive to noise - for example if someone has a balloon he will leave the house. One day when away from his mother he rang her 14 times in 45 minutes to check she was alright.

Physically he is worse for heat and gets red in the face and perspires. Twice in the last few months he has had a swollen left eye that was also red. The bedwetting started after his sister was born and has occurred on and off for more than three years. Sometimes he will go up to two months without wetting but at the moment is wetting 7 out of 14 nights. He usually wets after midnight and often suffers with nightmares. His nails don't grow (they have only been cut twice) and they can be inflamed around the nail bed and the skin beside them peels. He has binges with his appetite and often wants more to eat after dinner. He desires sugar, corn and nutella - he also loves meat, milk and cereal but hates pasta.

His fears include ghosts and heights and he always has issues with fairness and justice. At bedtime he will often be feeling sad and desire company.


MIND; WEEPING, tearful mood; tendency (356)
MIND; HOMESICKNESS, nostalgia (59)
MIND; SENSITIVE, oversensitive; noise, to (180)
EXTREMITIES; NAILS; complaints of (134)

Examination of his facial features showed a strong syphilitic (blue) dominance and so a blue remedy needed to be chosen. Remedies showing on the repertorisation are Calc, Merc, Puls, Nat M, Phos, Sil, Bell, Caust, Nit Ac, Sep, Caps, Cocc, Hell, Op, Ph Ac, Ant C, Lach, Petr, Staph, Bar C, Dros etc.

The first blue remedy on the repertorisation graph is Mercury. He was given a single dose of Mercury 200C.

Follow up - March 2005:
He has only had two nightmares since the remedy. After the dose he sneezed for two days and discharged green mucous from his nose. He also had the beginning of a cough but nothing developed. He has not cried in the mornings about going to school. Although he has a history of being very sensitive to being hurt he closed a door on his leg but was quite brave about it. He hasn't wet the bed at all and went to a school camp and displayed no homesickness. No remedy given.

Two weeks later he is slipping back and crying again, especially with the family arrangements for his brother's birthday. His nightmares have commenced again - one night he came screaming into his parent's room at 3.30am. Merc 200C single dose was repeated that night and the next day he couldn't remember the nightmare. He then developed a rash on his left abdomen that he has never had before but this went after 4 days - he says it is his nightmares coming out. A few weeks later he is becoming more sensitive again and is given another dose of Merc 200C to which he quickly responds. His bedwetting has stopped and his moods are fine.

His mother reports that two months later the whole family is getting the flu - he is given a Merc 1M single dose and immediately recovers.


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