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(Added August 2004)
Case by Grant Bentley


Female 35 presents with hayfever - her nose is always running - 24 hours a day. Her nose is worse for wheat, bread, alcohol and caffeine. It runs even at the thought of food. As a child she was hospitalised with severe psoriasis which she had up until recently. From the internet she got EFT therapy which is a form of self affirmations and this completely cured her psoriasis. (She had been covered from head to toe - one time she was hospitalised because the skin was weeping so much she went into shock) however EFT therapy has been ineffectual for her hayfever.

In the last ten years her hayfever has been reduced by repeated doses of allium cepa. She has arthritis if she eats bread but her joints are fine when she doesn't eat it. If she eats bread or drinks alcohol she will feel immediately flat. Drinking caffeine makes her skin extremely dry and eating citrus will make her eczema break out (especially with oranges). She has no eczema if she avoids citrus.

She is the middle child and has two sisters. She was a bright child and different from the other kids in that she was in to classical music and very shy. She clashed with her older sister who would constantly put her down. Later on her sister told her she was jealous of her which was a surprise because she looked so horrible with the psoriasis all over her face and body. Her mother told her older sister that "I was special" and she hated that and wanted to be like the others. Her sister humiliated her and made her feel very embarrassed. She used to think she was a dreadful person - thought of herself as evil - that something must have been wrong with her. She underachieved at school - failing Year 12 and having to repeat. At university she met a very praising friend and also got with a group that was very accepting and this was the best time of her life. Her studies were in social sciences as she wanted to write and become a journalist and has since travelled a lot especially around Europe, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

She loves reading, art, trekking and meditation. She can focus but is easily bored and is fascinated by religion. At nineteen there was a cancer scare and an ovary was removed (side not remembered). At that time she thought she would die - this gave her a lot of perspective and was what started her period of travel. Travel shows that life is not one dimensional. Travel is exciting, stimulating and interesting. Sitting at home would be a wasted life.

She can be very self critical often calling herself an idiot, stupid or not loveable. There is an intolerance of criticism and a fear of being judged. There is a history of kidney stones, discovered by right inguinal pain. This was at 31. She has frequent urination. Two days before her period her tiredness is at its worse. Also before her period she is teary and very reactive. Her hayfever is worse before her period and her periods are regular. She cannot touch allopathic medications for her hayfever as they all react in a negative way. She describes herself as very independent and someone that could never be a housewife. Whilst she would love to be with somebody she has never met anyone right. "Mr Right" would need to be interesting, light, responsible and get along with her friends. A "50's wife" has no personality or freedom and she has a fear of losing her identity. She is interested in world affairs.

Two pathologies were chosen in this repertorisation which is unusual. Hayfever because it is a good example of an overall reactivity to the environment, and psoriasis because its extent led to hospitalization and shock. So the seriousness of the pathology was taken into consideration. Sensitiveness was also chosen to add further weight to the reactivity of her condition. Oversensitivity is due to a lack of personal boundary and an inability to keep other people, opinions or substances at bay. Because everything about her case from eating acidic foods like oranges to drinking coffee to reacting to pollens in the air, even to the point where she only has to think about food and her nose runs means that the remedy selected must be heavily weighted in this regard.

All generals symptoms are solid rubric choices and aggravation before menses was chosen for this reason. The major mental of the case is humiliation based on the teasing and ridicule she experienced by her sister and being made to feel special and unique by her mother had a negative rather than positive consequence for her.


NOSE; CORYZA; annual, hay fever (127)
GENERALITIES; MENSES; agg.; before (109)
MIND; AILMENTS from; mortification, humiliation, (60)
SKIN; ERUPTIONS; psoriasis (105)

Examination of her facial features showed a strong psoric (yellow) dominance hence a yellow medicine was required. Remedies showing on the repertorisation are Lyc, Nat M, Puls, Sep, Calc, Sulph, Sil, Chin, Merc, Phos, Graph, Rhus Tox, etc. Although Lyc is the top yellow remedy Pulsatilla was more in line with her character.

Pulsatilla 30C once daily for two weeks was given. Two weeks later her nose has stopped running. She decided to test her system by having a tomato to which she would normally strongly react with hayfever and eczema symptoms and whilst she did react it was a much milder reaction. Both before and after eating the tomato remained very clear and the running had completely stopped. She is feeling more relaxed and states that the congestion in her nose which was 9/10 two weeks earlier is now 4/10. The anxiety in her stomach (not previously mentioned) which was "intense butterflies" has completely gone. There is enough confirmation for the continuance of the remedy in daily doses. One month later she is eating some junk food because she is busy at work. She is enjoying eating chocolate and chips which she could never do in the past as both would dry her skin out terribly as well as make her nose run, make her exceedingly tired and flare her eczema. There is no reaction to any of these junk foods. She is drinking tea again which she enjoys but again was unable to do before due to her nose. Normally bread makes her very tired and sleepy so she had been avoiding it for a number of years. Now she is eating toast in the morning and feels fine. The remedy was discontinued at this point.


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