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Bells Palsy & Depression


Case by Louise Barton

20 October 2006


Female 35

Presents with "stress" and is overweight. Has three children - the third was born 10months ago - all is well with the children but she is very tired. Last year was a big year - moving house, being pregnant and her son with severe tonsil problems. In April this year she had a massage and commenced nervous twitching all over her body. This continued mainly in the extremities, < at the end of the day and sometimes she will wake with it. It is also < thinking of it.

She fears she may have MS. After her first child she had post natal depression and put on 25kg in weight. She cries as she tells of not bonding with her child and being a "bad mother". Her first child is six and her post natal depression was even worse with her second child. She sought help from a naturopath and got some relief.

She is frequently anxious and she has panic attacks where she will "zone out" and has a sensation as if "she isn't there". When she has to make phone calls she will procrastinate and in a supermarket often has a strong desire to get out. During her pregnancies she had many food aversions. She hates asking for help and will worry a lot before events.

As a child she was very shy and was young at school. She struggled emotionally and had only one or two friends. Her main health problem was chest infections as a young child but as a teenager she just ignored problems. In her teens she had a boyfriend and described the relationship as "intense". She had a termination and the break up with him was long. At one point she feared he would kill her and even now he seems to pop up in areas of her life - she cannot speak to him.

At twenty she had glandular fever which led to chronic fatigue syndrome. She still suffers with extreme fatigue. In her early twenties she went overseas for two years and felt much better for the change. She felt that in leaving her family she was leaving "pressure and commitment". Now she has gone from being free to being tied down with her children (she weeps as she tells this). Now she is just the mother.

In her final high school exams she had her hair dyed and it became brittle and broken - it had been grey from age 16 and it was always worse before exams. She gets headaches from eyestrain and has worn glasses since 17. The headache pounds and flicks in the bad of her head and is < night, < before menses and > sleep. She has had this for 3-4 years. There is also dizziness and her thirst is low. She says that water tastes revolting to her.

Her eyes get occasional infections with a stringy gluey discharge that is clear or white. Usually < left and itchy - this has been better recently and was worse last year. Her eyes are < change of season and travel. Sinus problems have resulted in nasal obstruction+++ which is > pressure on her face. Her ears are full of wax and very itchy - they are also obstructed and she has lowered hearing. She has had an earache the last few days which is in her right ear and feels like a knife poking in. Her sinus is < morning, < left with lumpy, thick, white discharge. The right side is obstructed but with little discharge.

All this week her tongue has felt burnt and all food and drink tastes metallic and revolting. She has had throat problems since her son accidentally dribbled in her mouth - since then she has had repeated throat infections. About twice a year she uses a puffer for respiratory problems that are < laughing. She had high blood pressure during her pregnancies.

Her digestion is poor with bloating, < before menses, flatulence and < carbs. She has no pleasure in eating and is averse to all foods however she will crave either salt or sugar - going from one extreme to the other. She has no time to eat properly as her children are fussy eaters. She has a strong aversion to vegetables especially raw and they lead to burning in her stomach. She also has an aversion to seafood. Her thirst used to be different with a history of drinking a lot of water but now she doesn't like the taste and drinks diet soft drinks which lead to the metallic taste.

Her bowels are changeable - passed once every two or three days and either loose or constipated. Menses are late (35-45 days) worse since children. They commence very light, gush for a few hours then are light again. The flow is irregular and out of control - then they will be intermittent for seven days. After her second child her hands were terrible - she couldn't use them properly - there was pain with no strength but they are better now although still < lifting.

There is strong lumbar pain < lifting, < sleeping and she wakes in pain. It is agonizing and on her right side only. She loves sleeping on her stomach but can't - is < lying on right and > heat. She has varicose veins in her legs < since her second child and her feet are "horrific" - very painful < stepping on, < after rising, < at end of day and < standing. Her sleep is poor (mainly due to pain) and she has a history of waking at 2am. She takes painkillers for her back and as they wear off she wakes now at 4.30am. Her main fears are of death/dying, her children getting sick and sometimes she has fear when she is driving.

Family history - mother is fine, sister type 2 diabetes, father - polio, h/o cancer (bowel), type 2 diabetes. Maternal grandmother stroke, paternal grandmother breast cancer (died at 40) and paternal grandfather heart.

Her facial analysis photos are taken at the end of the consultation. She cannot smile because the right side of her face has collapsed over recent times -after attending our clinic she attends a conventional clinic and she is diagnosed with Bells Palsy.

GENERALITIES; DELIVERY, parturition; after, puerperal (79) (Not literal - represents her problems after pregnancy)
MIND; MOOD; changeable, variable (187)
FEMALE; MENSES; late, too (190)
MOUTH; PAIN; burnt, as if; tongue (101)


YELLOW (psora)

RED (sycosis)

BLUE (syphilis)

Front teeth


















Her facial features show equal amounts of both psora (yellow) and syphilis (blue) this patient is a tubercular (green) patient. She requires a tubercular remedy.

REMEDIES from repertorisation
Lyc, Puls, Calc, Phos, Nat C, Arg N, Ars, Sil, Caust, K Carb, Merc, Sep, Sulph, Acon, Ferr, Hyos, C Veg, Thuj

Three tubercular (green) remedies appear in the repertorisation - Calc, Phos and Aconite. Each can be argued to cover the case - Aconite is chosen due to the affinity with the taste and the tongue. Aconite 200C single dose plus daily sac lac.

17 November 2006
She describes how she got a diagnosis of Bell's Palsy the same day after she came to the Homoeopathic clinic. However it has virtually cleared in the three weeks since. Her face is better (she can smile properly now), the twitching is 70% better and her anxiety is improved. The face was 85% improved three days after the remedy.

There have been no panic attacks and her sleep is better. Sleep is fantastic - 10.30 till 6 without waking. Her demeanor is also better - she feels more relaxed. The tongue, throat, respiration and hands are also improved. The last period was improved in that it came at 31 days - the best she had had in years but the flow was horrendous - gushing then stopping for seven days - very heavy with clots.

Her bowels and her back are still the same and her eyes have commenced discharging again. Appetite had been better but had slipped back in the last week. She has changed her diet to low carbs but has put on 2kg and is still very bloated. Her feet are the same.

As the remedy had done such a good job in most areas it was decided to repeat it again as her digestion and back were still untouched. Aconite 200C single dose plus daily sac lac.

8 December 2006
Twitching is getting worse especially in last week - period is due. She is suffering anxiety again and waking at 2am and finding it difficult to get back to sleep. Her face is still good and her bowels are ok. The back pain is still bad and she has put on a further 3kg in the last three weeks. Her eyes have settled but her nose has been terrible - dry and crusty with a desire to pick all the time. She has little sores on her skin which aren't healing and her feet are still painful especially < first motion. Her digestion is poor and she can't be bothered with eating - she has no motivation

As there was no general lift from the second dose of Aconite we decide to look for a better remedy. The first repertorisation was checked again and both Calc and Phos were considered - due to the affinity with weight Calc was chosen.

Calc Carb 200C single dose plus daily sac lac.

9 February 2007
She is feeling happier but still occasionally flat. Her motivation is improved and she has been very busy although not so good before her period. The twitching has improved a lot but now has changed in its presentation - it will come in her limbs then be felt in her spine and is < night. Her pelvis is unstable (since her children) and she wears a support belt (not previously mentioned). She is waking in pain, experiencing twitching and jerking like an electric pulse - again < before her period. The back pain and twitching became much worse after camping in January when she slept on the ground.

After the Calc her eye commenced twitching and her vision was mildly affected - this has settled but is still < waking. Her eye feels irritated and not relaxed. Her trigeminal nerve is sore in her right cheek. Again her sleep is poor - waking at 2.30 or 3am with stiffness and soreness. The nose is still crusty. Her skin is much improved and her appetite is better.

Overall there has been no real improvement and again another remedy is required.

Three rubrics are chosen.

Generalities - twitching (236)
Generalities - waking agg (151)
Generalities - neuralgic pain (151)

This repertorisation brings up many remedies but we are only looking at tubercular (green) remedies. First is Aconite, second is Phosphorus and next is China.

Phosphorus 30C daily

9 March 2007
No real change - same symptoms as before. Some minor improvements - digestion is slightly better and nose is better but feels indifferent and is eating a lot of chocolate. She felt quite depressed at ovulation time.

China 30C daily

22 March 2007 - email feedback
Depression - Much better thanks, felt better straight away

Anxiety - Generally coping with things well, still having moments when I feel anxious over nothing but much fewer in general.

Motivation - Picked up straight away I have felt much more like doing things in general

Twitching - Changed again, seems to be one to three big twitches in late afternoon or early evening, can sit and relax without any occurring.

Back - much much much much better. I am not waking with the pain in the night! It is still sore but that horrendous pain that I have been getting in the night has decreased dramatically.

23 March 2007
Her depression lifted straight away even though her period was just about to come. The period was much better with a normal flow. She describes her anxiety as between 90-100% better. The twitching has changed in its presentation - less frequent but a few big ones each evening however less in the last week. Everything is much better and she is pleased that all her motivation has returned - she is enjoying her children and has started exercising again (this will help with her weight gain).

Continue China 30C daily for another month - to review

This case demonstrates that sometimes it takes more than one remedy to rebalance the patient. In this case it is possible that China would have been better from the beginning but it didn't appear in all rubrics so wasn't tried until the fourth remedy. This can happen with remedies that repertorise less highly. However if a polychrest covers both the totality and the miasm it is always tried first - many patients respond to polychrests. Aconite was a good starting remedy and showed the patient the potential of Homœopathy even though it didn't hold. Both Calc and Phos were also reasonable choices and showed some action but China took hold at a deeper level.

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