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(July 2005)
Case by Louise Barton


Female aged 10 comes to the student clinic with her mother as she suffers with moods - described as "low" especially as her brother (13) gives her a hard time with teasing and fighting. She has been better since her brother has been given some homœopathic treatment (see Anger case). She cries a lot and goes to her room to be alone. In the past she would write over and over how she wanted to die. She is both sensitive to her brother and to her father (her parents are divorced) - her mother says her father hurt her feelings by offering to buy her a phone but then getting upset over a minor problem and withdrawing the offer. During the consultation the girl sits very close to her mother often burying her head into her shoulder.

As a young child she followed her brother everywhere. In kindergarten she was "loud" and started school with confidence. Her parents separated when she started school and her confidence disappeared - she became unable to do things and although bright didn't have the confidence to try things. The low moods have been mainly the last two to three years. Three years ago she lost two grandparents and a close family friend (described as being like a second mother) who moved to another state. The family also lost a dog at the same time. The day after her father left she got lice and despite treatment they are still there.

She is a quiet girl and will go off on her own to cry - when her mother comes to her she will push her away, however if her mother persists she will talk and becomes better. She is also better if offered treats like ice-cream. Her weak area is her stomach, she has a strong tendency to vomit. Two years ago she stood on a dead blowfish and was given two tetanus shots. After this she vomited and had diarrhoea for a week. She was given a homœopathic nausea complex and an antidote to the tetanus shot and became better. Three years ago she went on a trip with her father and started vomiting and couldn't stop.

When she is sick like this she asks for milkshakes and fizzy drinks. She has always craved dairy. She has a terrible appetite and won't eat fruit, red meat or vegetables. She loves sweets and likes fish and chicken but is very fussy. Her main love is chocolate and ice-cream. She is very sensitive and when her mother has her period her mood changes at the same time.

She has bad feet - very flat, on a bad angle and has had bunions. Her sleep is restless and she will be cold or dazed on waking. Her mother says she has no fear and wants to bungy jump or swim with sharks. She has pimples on her forehead and hairline. An unusual symptom she has is that during vomiting her eyes will go pale brown.


MIND; DEATH; desires (83)
MIND; AILMENTS from; grief, sorrow, care (87)
MIND; WEEPING, tearful mood; tendency (356)
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; milk; desires (62)
STOMACH; VOMITING; General; incessant (47)

Examination of her facial features showed a strong syphilitic (blue) dominance and so a blue remedy needed to be chosen. Remedies in order of repertorisation are Merc, Nux V, Phos, Ars, Aur, Nat M, Rhus T, Apis, Calc, Staph, Lach, Nit Ac, Sulph, Verat, Sil.

Although Merc is the highest blue remedy Aurum is also highly indicated and fits her case more closely. She was given a single dose of Aurum 200C.

Follow up - August 2005:
She has suffered a cold that has gone through the whole family and suffered with vomiting (twice), a sore throat and then a running nose. Normally she would vomit for 12 hours straight and this is a great improvement for her. She has suffered no dark moods and is happier in general, talking nicely with her brother and singing around the house. Her sleep is improved and the pimples on her forehead are 50% better. All the lice have gone. During the consultation she sits away from her mother, smiles and talks independently. No remedy given.


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