Photo analysis conditions

  • The facial analysis is based on photos provided

  • Please add further points to the analysis where you can clearly see a feature (eg lines, cleft, compact smile) that doesn’t show up in the photos – note this addition may change the outcome of the analysis – use the final analysis (including your added points)

  • Where photos provided are unclear (poor angle, shadows, bad lighting, features not visible) the analysis will contain one or more question marks

  • Question marks may or may not change the final analysis – it is your responsibility to take into account the possible outcomes based on question marks

  • Where a feature is naturally unclear or close to unrated it may also receive a question mark

  • This analysis may be used for remedy selection but VCCH is not responsible for the outcome of that remedy

  • Remedies should be given by qualified practitioners only

  • Remedies given by students should be given under supervision

  • Where further questions are sent and answered in regard to this analysis please note that every time the set of photos is examined by VCCH a further $30AUD fee will be charged as per your original order

  • Where training/commentary is requested regarding an analysis a separate $30AUD fee will be charged as per your original order

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