Remedy information

The following is how we suggest remedies should be taken.  You may find some of this information conflicts with previous homeopathic instructions.  World-wide there are many different ideas regarding remedies – many of which have not been independently tested but are still taught in homeopathic training programmes.  We have tested different ways of taking remedies for more than twenty years and are satisfied that the following works well and is the easiest for patients.

Frequency of dose  
This will depend on the case analysis and the strength of the dose prescribed.  Follow the instructions as forwarded to you after each consultation or between consultations as requested.  Generally we advise the following –
  • Chronic condition – once daily
  • Acute – exacerbation of chronic condition – more frequently than once a day (duration and frequency as advised by your practitioner)
  • Acute – infectious condition – between two and six hourly (duration as advised by your practitioner)
Strength of dose
We work mainly with 30 C potency and occasionally 200 C and 1 M. 
When to take the remedy
Mornings are a good time as a routine can be established – however where this doesn’t suit your routine please choose an alternative time of day and stick with that routine.  If you forget to take your remedy at your usual time take it when you remember that day and get back to your routine time the following day.
How to take the remedy
You can order the remedy in either drops, pills, pilules, grains or pellets. Each is a medium to deliver the remedy and neither is better or worse than another.We suggest drops only for convenience. If you have another version or can only order another version that is fine. The amounts below are approximate - if you give a little more or less that is ok. The frequency of the dose and the potency (number) of the dose is more important than the amount of drops/pills/pellets/pilules/grains taken at each dose.
  • Drops – shake the bottle a few times on your palm and place 5 drops (approx.) in a quarter to half glass of water – stir and drink – make up a new dose and take each day until follow up consultation (preferably morning and five to ten minutes away from eating/drinking/cleaning teeth)
  • Pills - dissolve two pills in a quarter to half a glass of water – stir and drink (as for drops)
  • Pellets - dissolve two pellets in a quarter to half a glass of water – stir and drink (as for drops)
  • Pilules - dissolve two to five pillules in a quarter to half a glass of water – stir and drink (as for drops)
  • Grains – dissolve 5-10 grains in a quarter to half a glass of water – stir and drink (as for drops)
Does drinking coffee, using toothpaste or eating and drinking close to taking my remedy matter?
Traditionally there have been instructions about keeping your remedy away from these substances.   We find no difference with coffee but advise 5 to 10 minutes away from food/drink/cleaning teeth just to be safe but these issues have not been independently tested.  Where the correct remedy is chosen it works no matter what routine is followed. 
Do remedies have to be delivered in water?
No if you prefer to place drops/pills/pellets/pilules/grains straight on your tongue or under your tongue please feel free to do so.  Make sure you don’t contaminate other drops or pills/pilules/pellets/grains by touching your mouth to the bottle or picking up dropped pills. If you drop them throw them away.
Must the water be filtered? 
No. Any fresh water – bottle, filtered or tap, will work.
Must I hold the remedy in my mouth for a certain amount of time? 
No, this is not necessary.
Can the remedies be delivered in other drinks?
We don’t advise mixing remedies outside of water but some clinics have noted that remedies still work even when delivered in food or other drinks – where the remedy resonates to the symptoms. 
How can my child take a remedy at school?
If you child is on a single daily dose have them take the remedy at home before school.  If they have been advised to take multiple doses during the day dissolve a few drops, grains, one or two pills or a couple of pellets in their water bottle.  Ask them to shake the bottle a little then to take a drink from the bottle a few times during the day.  Each mouthful = one dose.  A few more or a few less doses is ok - as long as they take a few where they can.  Otherwise wait until they return from school and repeat a few doses before bedtime.  The bottle is best to be disposable so remnants of the remedy aren't passed to someone else at another time.
What about where a patient needs surgery or is in hospital for a while – how do they take their remedies?
Where surgery is required please contact your practitioner to advise on which remedies will help both in preparation for the surgery and in healing after the surgery.  Remedies can be given in the water cup by the side of the bed.  Or they can be delivered directly from the bottle to the tongue.  Where a patient is unable to take anything by mouth they can be rubbed onto the wrists or temples (drops directly or dissolve dry remedy in water first).  They do not interfere with any conventional medications like herbs or naturopathic treatments but often doctors are unaware of the difference and order that nothing can be taken.  You can safely take these remedies and they will help with the action of your immune system and your healing.  Where you are scheduled for an operation and nothing is to be taken by mouth rub them onto your wrists or temples or have a family member do this for you.
Does it matter where I get the remedy from?
All remedy suppliers should be licensed to manufacture homeopathic remedies and use the same source of natural product to make their remedies.  So it shouldn’t matter who you order from. Who you order from is a personal choice based on cost and service and availability of remedies.
How do I manage a prescription only remedy?
Some remedies (particularly nosodes) in some countries are only available to order with practitioner approval.  We will contact the supplier directly or forward you an email to forward to the supplier so they will fill your order.
What if I can’t take alcohol?
Order your remedy in pills so there is no alcohol acting as a preservative as in drops.
What if I am lactose intolerant?
Order your remedy in drops.  Unless you are severely lactose intolerant the pilules and grains are so tiny they usually make no impact and especially where they are dissolved in water prior to taking.