Sarah face case

Sarah shared both how her case and then her face was analyzed using HFA methodology.

This is a longer session than normal. The recording computer was running slow and took a while to find it's stride!

See below for a retake with 3 weeks into the remedy and all software running smoothly. Or watch both versions. Each has different comments that all add to the learning.

We repped with Complete Dynamics - it ran very slowly at first - this was due to the computer and not the software. We decided not to edit out as we discussed some case issues while waiting.

The facial analysis was done manually to start and then displayed with the Complete Dynamics HFA facial software (wizard). We made the error of adding a question mark feature (exop eyes - only on one profile) to the wizard but not the manual analysis. We corrected this outcome and discussed how to make facial analysis more accurate by either -

Adding all question marks OR adding no question marks.

Note - when we looked at comparing the number of rubrics between the final remedies - we left 20 as the minimum number of remedies to show - this should have been moved to zero. However, the comparison was still valid across the remedies that were compared as they all had the same filter applied.

Sarah confirmed that she had used several remedies from the facial analysis miasm after we finalized her case. Three of these remedies had helped her in a positive way for various health problems in the past.



Sarah's case - redone with streamlined overview and feedback after 3 weeks on her remedy


3rd follow up - 4th August 2022

Sarah's eye issues, itching skin, menstrual issues and anxiety are gone and overall she is more relaxed. She has developed some discomfort in her right breast that she hasn't felt since breastfeeding and is feeling sluggish. Her follow up is done with emphasis on the symptoms that are currently an issue. Case management is the art of following the case and examining the totality to determine if the remedy dose (potency or frequency) needs to be adjusted or whether a new remedy is required.