Skylar face case

Teresa shared her daughter Skylar's case with us. Skylar suffers with strong evening and friend anxiety. We do her case and choose her first miasm/totality HFA remedy.

2 weeks later -

"Hi again. I forgot to mention that Sky has had an easier time going to sleep since she started the sepia. It's been notable, she hasn't been as emotional at bed time, and when I say "lights out, hun" at 9 pm she grumbles and turns the light out, and falls asleep immediately. She's been sleeping through the night, not waking up to use the bathroom (also, I'm making sure she drinks her bedtime water at 8pm, instead of as she's going to sleep). Things seem to be going better with her and her friends. "




FIRST FOLLOW UP - November 2022



SECOND FOLLOW UP - January 2023

"Overall it seems pretty steady" "Social interaction is a lot better than before the remedy" "Sleep is the most foundational part of the remedy - it is going well" "No restlessness, no sleep anxiety, no sleep talking"