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Testimonials – HFA Students



Thanks Grant for this great course.  Every time I hear your lectures, I feel you make more sense of Homoeopathic prescribing than anyone else I have ever heard.  I am continually fascinated by this technique, that, in such a practical way, utilises the miasms to determine the prescription.  It also offers a clear exposition of the philosophy of health and illness, with an extraordinary success rate in chronic prescribing that validates the philosophy and method.    I am also very grateful for your knowledge of Hahnemann, Bonninghausen and Kent’s writings and your ability to critique and bring their ideas to bear on case taking and the prescription. 
Thanks yet again for a wonderful learning experience!
Very best wishes
Lesley Lee
Canberra, Australia

I have been privileged to be studying HFA on line with Grant and Louise since February and am loving every minute!  Apart from the technology (which is fantastic) I really enjoy the sessions, with Grant's wealth of knowledge and sense of humour. The course has been well thought out and executed and the philosophy follows old homoeopathic teachings as well as universal law - it makes perfect sense to me.   One of the things I particularly like is the fact that the classes are only one part of the course - the home study has enabled me to immerse myself in the subject and take in knowledge as and when I have the time. 

Having attended a weekend introduction, I felt I had to go to Australia in 2007 and learn more.  I was thrilled then and still am at the depth of information and knowledge - the current course has heightened the experience still more.  Louise has always been there to help with any homoeopathic questions and queries and has been able to help me with the computer (I am not the most computer literate person).  The combination of these things has enabled me to participate in the course fully.

Grant and Louise complement each other perfectly, and present the course in a down to earth way which is easy to follow.  This is such an exciting, innovative system, reproducible time after time - the shot in the arm that homoeopathy really needs!

Heidi W, England

Determining the miasm is so essential for successful treatment of chronically ill patients, and now it is no longer the guesswork for me which miasmatic tendencies the patient inherited from his ancestors. Although great old homeopaths as Allen and Roberts had also make hints that certain facial features might indicate the underlying miasm, it was Grant who worked out this objective tool for practical application. Since I have using it, sometimes I have to reject the apparently most obvious remedy which covers the symptom totality of the patient, as this is not fitting to the face features determined miasm, and choose another one which fits the face, and although this latter has much smaller repertorisation scores it works well in the patient! Of course it takes some time to learn how to analyze the face but it is not difficult and the result is the increasing number of recovering patients just after few months from starting to learn this tool.
Ágnes Heiczman, Hungary

I have been a Lay Homeopath for years, and am currently halfway through my formal studies in Classical Homeopathy.  This had become very discouraging for me.  As my classical course is very good at teaching theory and history, it moved me away from practical APPLIED Homeopathy.  The more I studied, the less I was able to prescribe effectively.  The HFA program took me back to my "simple" method of taking a case, and my results are much improved.  Homeopathy can be extremely subjective, and ethereal.  The HFA method provides a step by step frame work to product consistent results in a clinical environment.
Miroslav Josip Posavec
Homeopathic Consultant

I use basic homeopathy most of the time, shying away from the constitutionals/miasms.
Thanks to Grant's course, I can see a clear method to follow.
Grant has demystified the complexity of constitutional homeopathy.
His presentations are very inspiring.
Thank you. 
Christine Gozlan B.H.Sc. Adv. dip. Naturopathy Dip. H.M.

"Your understanding of homœopathy is about to change
This seminar will be more than you ever expected
Every aspect of Homœopathy is about to make sense"
Grant and Louise, 
The above lead-in statement in your last email regarding your up coming seminars is amazingly true.  I highly encourage anyone wanting a greater understanding and efficiency in the way that they use homeopathy in their practice to not pass up any chance of attending a seminar or class with Grant Bentley.  Your understanding of the practical use of homeopathy will change.  The HFA classes that I have been taking over the past few months are more than I ever expected or imagined and have provided me with a more direct understanding of the principles of homeopathy and how to put these principles into practical use.  It is difficult to express the understanding that I have gained from each HFA class session, and the difference that understanding has made in my holistic, well-women's practice.  Time spent in diagnosing has been cut in half, my sense of accomplishment has increased ten-fold, and my doubting of homeopathy's time/cost effectiveness has faded.  This learning experience has been priceless.
Thank you Grant and Louise for sharing this gift,
Nancy Nelson CNM. ANP

The HFA classes that I have been taking over the past few months have given me the understanding of the principals of homoeopathy and the way to put these principal  into practical use. Really it is difficult to express myself the understanding that I have gained from each HFA class.
I have gone through the case which you have shared with us. Many many thanks for the Invaluable gift.
With regards, 
Dr.Ranjit Singh

Thanks so much, the system worked beautifully.  I officially own the HFA tool and it is immensely helpful...I do struggle with down turned eyes and compact smile....but I keep reviewing the class lectures so I think I am getting it.  This is really an amazing system.  I am using it in my practice and see changes in clients that I had not seen before.  I am also working with my business partner who is a therapist and I am doing the HFA system on some of her retractable clients...clients who are really stuck and not able to move forward with any kind of therapy or who are having significant anxiety/depression/grief and don't want to go on psychotropics.  My business partner had a young mother who had a still birth about a year ago.  Nothing was helping not even meds so I did a consult with her, she was a red and repertorized to be sepia (had i not used the HFA system she would have been Natrium Mur.)....within two days she said "I felt almost normal, it was quite shocking to both me and my husband," she continues with therapy and is moving rapidly to becoming well..
The 21 week class was enormously helpful in deepening my understanding of the HFA system.  The work and effort that Grant has given to bring this process to fruition seem staggering...I can only imagine the kinds of challenges he has had in presenting this to the homeopathic community.  I admire you both deeply for being willing to take the risk of sharing this important process with us.  Please keep me posted if Grant is doing any HFA classes on the internet.  I live in Washington State so at the moment, travel to Australia is but a dream....maybe in the future.
Take care, thank you, thank you
Wishing you, Grant and your family many blessings
Joleen, USA

Dear Grant,
Greetings from Muscat, Oman!
First of all, my sincere thanks to you and Louise for putting together the course and offering it on the internet so that people living in distant lands could also benefit.  You are a great teacher, very clear in expression, profound in knowledge and so honest.  I feel HFA system is one of the greatest gifts to Homeopathy.  It is also the first and only comprehensive anthropological model that brings together collective human experience and individual suffering to understand constitution.  But more than being just another fancy and attractive theory, it is an effective and usable tool that helps to find a remedy very accurately.  Your contribution is by no means less than that of Kent or other giants.  Coming as I do with a background in Yoga and Ayurveda, I love the way HFA blends Karma and Buddhist thought, but what I find great about the system is that it is firmly based on Homeopathic philosophy.
I have personally benefited on two counts.  Firstly, I learnt how to use the repertory.  In all the clinical internships that I did, I found only two approaches.  One was that the repertory was considered redundant and the homeopath gave remedy on the basis of some keynotes from Allen that he/she knew by heart (Calcutta).  The other approach was quoting some perfectly fitting, strange, rare and peculiar symptom that happened to be hiding in the repertory and in the encyclopaedic brain of the practitioner.   A third approach was listing 25 to 40 rubrics from Radar.  Success was sporadically miraculous or usually indifferent.  The HFA course has taught me the art of repertorization and the proper use of the Boenninghausen method.  The second thing I learnt was using the biography with the aid of the HFA.  
My practice has shown some spectacular results.
I think Soul and Survival is a monumental work.  It a great insight into the whole philosophy of HFA and it is so beautifully written.  Some passages are simply poetic while some stories are such an accurate portrayal that I was driven to tears.
I am also grateful that the course will be available for viewing for the next year and a half.  It is impossible to absorb everything in just one viewing.  I also think the course is very reasonably priced as are the books and the software.
I do hope more and more homeopaths will embrace this method.  When I started the course I often wondered how patients will accept being photographed.  But let me assure you, even in this part of the world I did not have a problem with female patients once I explained the principles of HFA. 
It’s been a rather longish mail, but I could go on!  Thanks once again for everything!
Also convey my best wishes and kind regards to Louise,
Ashok R (Oman)

Thanks Louise and Grant,
Loved the course, as always!
Sally, UK

Hi Dear Louise:
Thank you for the certificate and for every thing else.
Here are my comments. My English is not very good so please feel free to edit....
HFA is a very useful method to treat chronic diseases with homeopathy.  Before I took this class, homeopathy seemed to be a very hard to grasp healing art.  There were so many ways to practice it but none of them offered the accuracy of the HFA.  After taking the classes with Grant and Louise, homeopathy has become a more clear way of healing.   
I am only a student and yet I feel more confident that I can start practicing homeopathy now.  I understand I need a lot more training in HFA, but with HFA, homeopathy doesn't feel that challenging anymore.  
HFA was the result of a very serious study of the Organon and many other books written not only by Hahnemann but by many other authors that have practised homeopathy successfully for many years.  What makes HFA different is that it takes chronic disease beyond the theory of miasms. HFA attaches the miasm theory to a practical way of analysis that reduces the number of errors we generally make selecting the remedy.
Another great thing about HFA is that it's not only about homeopathy, it is about understanding human nature, what moves us.  It defines in a clear way how history has played and continues to play a great role in humans physical and emotional sufferings.
I recommend this class 100%.  HFA is a big step in the evolution of homeopathy as a healing art.
Claudia Matta

The Homeopathic Facial Analysis Course was a breath of fresh air. The webinar format and the ability to ask questions through the chat box really helped with the learning, whether I was asking a question, or someone else was asking. I wish all schools would learn from Grant and present their course material in a similar manner. It would make learning easier to grasp and bring homeopathy to life. The course materials online and the cases presented greatly speeded my understanding of rating the features and taking a successful case. My very first HFA case has made remarkable progress and my client calls me a “saint.” I know I would not have been as successful in finding the right remedy so quickly had it not been for the HFA process. Thanks for all your hard work and great teaching Grant. I look forward to other courses from you.
~Kathaleen Bentkowski, Lawrenceville, GA, USA

Hi Louise and Grant,
I believe I have not even stated in my testimonial how very much I enjoyed the HFA course and I did not adequately mention how much I have learned from you both, your books and your teachings. I am extremely grateful to have been able to take HFA course and it was a great pleasure to meet with both of you in Philadelphia at the HFA seminar.
HFA knowledge to me is like that missing link that I always was looking for. However, I did not exactly know what I was looking for before but now I do, HFA brings it all together, it is just simply right.
There is so much more that I like to share but I don’t want to make it to long for you.
My goal is to apply HFA in my homeopathic approach on a consistent basis to help family and friends and whoever has a need.
I realize that we all come from different walks of life. Having traveled to many different parts of this world during my own career and the one of my husband in the Airline, I have seen many different believes in action. I have seen their strength and their weaknesses as a whole in society. My background is I was brought up in a Christian home, however through much of my adult life I have moved away from the Believe system for all the reason that most people move away from. But I was always a seeker for the truth. What is the truth and who holds the “real” truth? For as everyone says, every story has two sides and to every side there is a little bit of truth. But there is only one truth, this is the one that Hahnemann has discovered in his time and I believe that is also the same truth that has lead you and Louise to HFA to become much more effective in healing. I believe this is the same truth that is used in all of science, be it in mathematic, biology, chemistry, astronomy and homeopathy (I know that homeopathy is not considered a science) however the knowledge acquired over a few hundred years, it is worthy to elevate it as such, no matter what the world says. That is also why I am very fascinated by homeopathy for it can only deal with what works in nature. Unfortunately man has often distorted and marred this very knowledge and understanding.
In the HFA course you brought to the surface so very strong the 3-fold of everything. The three forces outward-circular-inward, the three main colours - yellow-red-blue, everything to us appears in the three dimensional concept. Human beings are body – soul – spirit. The body is the physical house – the material that needs the cure. The soul is the emotional reactor to the physical as well as to the energetic that is the make up of the person. The spirit is the eternal part of the soul (this is the part of a person that does not die) that goes on back to where it came from.  There is a powerful word in scripture Ecclesiastes 12:7  Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was : and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.
I don’t want to convert anyone but it is fascinating to see the Truth come forward in all that is based on the everlasting knowledge that has always been there and will always remain around us. I believe you and Louise have had true revelation knowledge with HFA. This knowledge is much deeper than what one sees on the surface. It connects the dots and gives a great understanding about our present human conditions that have been so perverted in so many different ways. This knowledge is needed for our time!
I see that Hahnemann was given also great revelation knowledge when he started out with homeopathy but due to his limited time on this planet was not able to continue in his quest. But now you have been given a great gift to go forward in the quest he left behind to bring more healing to much suffering.
Whatever knowledge you need, it will be given to you and Louise, for I believe, that you have been given this for “such a time as this”.
Thank you a bunch for all of your efforts.
Ida M Ruch, US

Dear Louise and Grant,
I would like to express to both of you my great appreciation for this past course on HFA. Also a heartfelt thank you to your great diligence, to help me and other students understand this incredible knowledge on HFA that you shared with us through this entire class. Before I took the HFA class I was somewhat stuck. It was like I was on a dead track in my studies. I realized the value of the homeopathic remedies in the acute, but when it came to chronic ailments, often the remedies would not hold or they would not give lasting relief.
Thanks to the HFA course that I found extremely well structured (though there is sometimes an overload on information) my mind was able to stretch to a new understanding of the homeopathic possibilities. Even the built in repetition of the material helped a great deal to comprehend and retain the knowledge that Grant very skillfully and descriptive passed on to the students. Thanks to Louise who has faithfully tried to answer all the questions and has been the backbone of the course, the classes flowed in an excellent learning mode. The HFA course has helped me to get back on track. With the new knowledge on HFA I was able to integrate the material that I had already learned about homeopathy, but now I feel that I am on a more sure footing.
My greatest achievement since the HFA class is the healing of my husband’s psoriasis. He has suffered with psoriasis for a very long time. In his past career he was an airline pilot. Not only line pilot, but also simulator instructor, checks airman, test pilot and instructor for young student pilots. He flew mostly Far East, South America and Africa which meant that he was vaccinated for something almost every six months, compromising his immune system continuously. Very high stress levels, when it came to check other pilots in their performance and also making decisions for young student pilots if they had the stuff to become a professional airline pilot. The full break out of his psoriasis was actually initiated once when he had a student pilot to whom he had to give thumbs down for his career, because he was not qualified. The break out started at the most strangest part of his body; he broke out on his belly button. It looked like he had an inflammation; after the inflammation subsided he broke out on his legs and elbows. Ever since then he had it and at times it was better and then worse again, depending on the stress level at any given time. While working he tried many different allopathic treatments and creams, once he was on a very high Vitamin A treatment, some things helped a little but not enough to really make it go away. After his retirement as an airline pilot, he still stayed in high stress positions, so this did not really change or help any. After we had lost our business and almost everything “materially”, his psoriasis became very bad and he developed psoriatic arthritis. We had lost our health insurance at that time and it was then that I dug into homeopathy.
Throughout the last 5 years I have been able to bring relief through the remedies but never really a lasting cure. He knows that he is a type “A-personality” and he has tried to be less stressed. Now according to HFA, he is a “Yellow” and that absolutely fit’s him perfectly. I took his case and ended up with Sulphur. He is now on Sulphur since about 3 months. Earlier in the course I defined that he was “Green” and I gave him Aconite but that did not do anything. When I did his facial analysis again Yellow was the right one and so is Sulphur. Since he is on Sulphur 30 C once a day, his psoriasis is slowly healing from the inside out it is quite incredible. He also sleeps better. He had bad case on his Finger tips and this is also healing slowly but surely. He has not used any creams or topical ointments for quite a while now and the healing process just keeps going. My husband told me to tell both of you “his thank you”, and to keep up your incredible good work.
My other success story is a friend of mine that for many years had terrible headaches and insomnia that have debilitated her in many ways. She also was in a very stressful job. She was a nurse and managed the operation room for a team of surgeons. About three times in her life she had a collapsed lung. When I took her case she had been through steroids and all kind of various treatments to help her get her energy back, with no avail. She had no energy and could not sleep and practically had a severe headache every night. According to HFA she turned out to be “Orange” and that truly fitted her. I took her case and I started out with Ignatia, that helped her somewhat, but after about two weeks I felt it did not enough. I looked at the case again and I gave her Ferrum 30C daily. She calls it a miracle since she is on Ferrum, she can sleep has absolutely no headaches. She is ecstatic, however she did tell me that she became so well that for a few days she did not take the remedy and after a few days she did feel that the headaches, so weaker then before, came back. After she went back on the remedy she was fine again. I have several other accounts where HFA just simply has proven, that if the facial analysis is correct with the color, and the right remedy in that particular color group addresses the individual’s symptoms, the success rate is indeed very high and the well being seems deeper and more lasting. It is truly amazing and very encouraging to treat people’s ailments with HFA. One has the distinct feeling to be on a much more secure path in prescribing a remedy, even if one does go through several different remedies until the correct one is found.
The new knowledge that you have been teaching us is revolutionary to homeopathy, and experiencing these facts on a consistent basis is giving one a good confidence in applying this new knowledge. I would agree on one statement that one has to have an open mind to embrace this new knowledge and be willing to try it, but that is easy since you both have
Experienced the positive outcome of HFA over a long time and are able to pass this on to your students that are truly newbys to HFA. You are in perfect company with Hahnemann himself as he stated in “The Chronic Diseases” Vol.1, under chapter Psora in one of his footnotes he says:
 “Nevertheless this true theorem is not to be reckoned among those which should be comprehended, nor among those for which I ask a blind faith. I demand no faith at all, and do not demand that anybody should comprehend it. Neither do I comprehend it; it is enough, that it is a fact and nothing else. Experience alone declares it, and I believe more in experience than my own intelligence.”
Please also find attached some thoughts I had on the spiritual connections in regard to your teaching about the Soul. I was meditating on the Survival (physical/bodily) and on the Soul (spiritual), and I had an amazing revelation that I would like to share with you.
Again thank you for your great teaching and I wish you both great success and may God bless you and yours.
Sincerely yours,
Ida M Ruch

Grant and Louise have done an awesome job putting together a course on how to practice ….as well as the theory behind backed up with clinical cases. HFA is a common sense, practical system that will give you clinical results whether you are a novice, like me… or an experienced practitioner! HFA works for serious, life-threatening cases with a lot of pathology like cancer, as well as those with only functional symptoms.
HFA is simple, efficient, and scientific- based on objectivity, being the real ‘unprejudiced observer’, real classical homeopathy. A refreshing change from what is currently being taught, accepted and practiced today…..rooted in the quagmire of subjective analysis, speculation, opinions and prejudices. No more essence prescribing based on constitutional stereotypes and core delusions that are self-limiting and only fit a small percentage of cases.
Grant’s teaching style is very down-to-earth-direct, open, and honest. His search for the truth- what is the cause of chronic disease and how to treat it- has led him to take a hard look at controversial subjects and homeopathic myths on chronic disease treatment that are prevalent and commonly accepted by traditional classical homeopaths. He has the courage and personal integrity to give us frank and honest answers about posology, suppression, ‘the layers theory‘, Herings Law, and the use of remedies as intercurrents, complimentary, antidoted by. Confusion has been replaced by right understanding! Thank you for all the bombshells!
Appearance and Circumstance explains the dominant miasm - the vital force and defense system that we have inherited is expressed by the face. Each of the 7 miasms have unique ways of coping with stress, danger, and exhaustion based on the laws of nature, the forces of motion-inner, outer and circular motion- and how they work separately or in combination- based on the law of similars, the universal forces of dominance and suppression according to Hahnemann. The face shows us the dominant miasm and corresponding group of remedies. The totality of symptoms combined with the facial analysis makes case analysis so much easier. No more hours of case taking, studying and memorizing materia medica, agonizing over remedy differentials in case analysis. And using the HFA system, the likelihood of everyone ‘being on the same page”, of looking at the same case and coming to the same conclusion for a remedy is the norm- reassuring to the practitioner and the patient, to say the least! HFA method is reproducible!
Grant is a deep thinker about life and spirituality. His third book, Soul and Survival helps us understand our survival instinct, our dominant miasm. It is fascinating! Each miasm has different themes and traits, an historical reference point- a time period it corresponds to based on what was occurring then- trade, slavery, disease, war, famine, spirituality, etc. The miasm lets us understand the life story, the biography of each person from their point of view- why and how each of us act as we do. The life themes are the repeating patterns of circumstances and events- our survival instinct at work- how the body responds to stress, danger and disease. These are the negative or positive beliefs and patterns that shape out lives and explain why we understand and get along better with some people than others. When the survival instinct is always switched on, this creates an out-of-balanced state. Chronic disease is the result of chronic stress or exhaustion. A lack or depletion of energy shows itself in the weaker areas of the body. The right remedy will replenish the energy, restoring balance and health. Each time an energy imbalance recurs from additional stress, disease or exhaustion, then a remedy will be required to bring things back to harmony.
A lot of concise, practical information is packed into each module of this HFA course - a very complete, yet stream-lined approach to case taking, analysis, and management in treating chronic disease. A great course for only ~$560...well worth the investment…you get more than your money’s worth! This course delivers the tools you really need to practice clean, classical homeopathy!
Ellen Kire, USA

I'm still adjusting to the use of HFA. I have found the patient is more giving even if I have not resolved the main problem he came in for, because I have the right colour his energy is up and other problems often resolve. They sense you are close to the right remedy and its easier to tell when they are finished the remedy. One patient felt so energised even though we did not fix the main problem he came for that he felt deprived when we had to change our strategy.
I'm moving into town in December and will be using HFA a lot more. I will keep you posted on what’s happening.
As a student it is brilliant. I use facial and body analysis all the time. This is just another logical aspect of recognising the problem through the different colours. The answer is usually looking you in the face. HFA confirms this. It takes the guess work out of Homoeopathy and helps you focus on the problem knowing it’s just within your reach. Your confidence spills over into the patient and he feels good knowing that the road you have taken will lead to improvement even if it takes a few tries.  Homoeopathy has always needed a tangible system, now we have it.
The course was great. There are Lecturers, but teachers are rare. Yes Grant is a Teacher, through his catering for the ones who may not have as deep a back ground in Homoeopathy as others he mastered the art of simplification. He was there for the student who may be having trouble putting it together. Through his patience and love for what he was teaching everyone could benefit. Grant was very thorough, no stone unturned. The use of pictures illustrations and the written word added to the colour of the course. I'm longing to go through the information again.
What also was powerful to me was the fact that anyone who has a love to help others can master this art of Homoeopathy in a much shorter time frame. 
Soul and Survival. I just worked on a 16 year old girl. As I was talking to her mother the daughter looked up her own colour . And begged me to let her take the book home, at last she would be able to show her mother how she feels inside. And why she did things different and reacted the way she did. I let her take it and she is reading it. I see the colours like this.
Often the best person to help a alcoholic is a x alcoholic. The best person to help a person in depression or drugs is someone who has also been through it. The patient always knows if you really understand their plight. If you do understand and can feel their pain you are half way to cure. I need to study the colours so as to have a affinity with my patient. This has been made possible now with HFA.
Thanks again Gary Horsfield Australia