Amys face

Amy kindly shared how her facial analysis was conducted as part of a training session.

Watch how each of Amy's photos are analyzed to determine which of the 3 primary miasms (defence mechanism/survival instinct) are dominant on her face.



Three primary energies

  1. Outward motion (sun energy)
  2. Circular motion (planet energy)
  3. Inward motion (gravity energy)

One of these energies could be dominant in a person or 2 of the 3 could combine (3 duo energies) or the seventh group was made up of equal parts of all 3 energies.

We renamed these energies

  1. Yellow – outward motion
  2. Red – circular motion
  3. Blue – inward motion
  4. Orange – outward/circular motion
  5. Purple – circular/inward motion
  6. Green – outward/inward motion
  7. Brown – outward/circular/inward motion