Do You Use a Totality Remedy or Clearing Remedies?

Totality approach

The mind, body and emotions are all connected via a mesh of energetic signals. When these signals are out of balance, ill-health or symptoms commence and continue. Symptoms can be on any of the three planes or more focused within one or two areas. Issues that push our energetic being out of balance are –

  • Environmental stresses – toxins, food, air pollution, surgical or chemical intervention
  • Emotional stress – others who are out of balance, worries re family, friends and work
  • Mind stress – natural tendencies to anxiety, fear, anger or sadness

All of these are triggered through an elaborate energetic system within you.

To improve the balance of this system, we search for a remedy that matches your totality and how your defence system operates

In our clinic, the defence system grouping is analysed through your facial structure using HFA* - we ask you to send a set of photos – 9 photos with specific angles

When the correct resonating remedy is found, your mind, emotions and body will begin to synch with each other and through balanced energy, each part will operate more effectively and in synergy with your whole being

We choose a single remedy (that matches you) and choose the frequency of the dose based the environmental factors in your life

Single remedy or rotational remedy clearing

Some homeopaths use single remedies – one after another – to “clear” the body

While these remedies have some ability to clear the system of that one issue (eg a virus, parasite, toxin or bacteria) the natural defence system of the body has not been strengthened

As a result, improvements range from short lived to very little

Our immune system – when functioning in harmony with the rest of us – will naturally clear all but the most extreme toxins** from our system

The single remedy “clearing” approach is more similar to the single chemical approach of conventional medicine. It is not wholistic and rarely brings about a balanced and long term healing response. It is easier to prescribe as the totality approach requires experience and understanding of the patient.

*HFA is Homeopathic Facial Analysis. This system has been researched, used clinically and taught in over 25 countries. VCCH Homeopathy use HFA homeopathy exclusively. Grant Bentley is the founder of HFA.

**Some very contagious bacteria/viruses need a short term acute approach – either with your constitutional remedy given more frequently or with an acute remedy which matches the symptom pattern of that pathogen. Other more common toxins – chemicals, parasites, bacteria and viruses found commonly in our environment – respond better to strengthening up your whole system with a constitutional approach.


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