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While studying at Medical University I heard nothing about homeopathy. After graduation first I worked as a researcher in the field of biochemistry from 1984 till 1992 and met homeopathy first in 1993. This became the third major method (besides yoga and vegetarian diet) for me to support my health, and of course to help my patients and family. 

I am a member of the Hungarian Homeopathic Medical Association (MHOE) since 1993, and was member of board for 9 years, was chief editor for 6 years of the Association’s journal Simile, still writing articles and doing work for it and translated several homeopathic books into Hungarian.

In the labyrinth of different homeopathic methods finally I found the Homeopathic Facial Analyisis method as a clear objective tool for more successful prescribing in chronic cases. I completed the online HFA course in 2010. In 2012 I invited Grant Bentley and Louise Barton to Budapest to hold a 3 day HFA seminar for the members of MHOE. The seminar was attended by 90 participants, and after the seminar a group of them signed for online HFA course.

Besides treating patients, since 1999 I am one of the lecturers of  the Hungarian Homeopathic Medical Association’s 24 days long basic training course in homeopathy for medical doctors, and have also organised a few HFA workshops. From 2013 the HFA method has been included into the Association’s basic training course.

Determining the miasm is so essential for successful treatment of chronically ill patients, and now it is no longer the guesswork for me which miasmatic tendencies the patient has inherited from his ancestors. Since I have been using HFA, I have became more successful with prescribing in my private practice in the town of Érd, just beside the Hungarian capital Budapest.

I think Grant and Louise have made a very important development in homeopathy, a real landmark.

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