Enrolment HFA courses

Course timing and presentation -

  • Courses
    • Introduction to Homeopathy & HFA course (10 classes - 7.5 hours)
    • HFA Foundation course (21 classes plus reading - 80 hours)
    • Advanced Practitioner Course in HFA (40 classes - 30 hours - summary of HFA foundation course with shorter classes - 40 mins on average)
    • All classes have been prerecorded
  • Classes and patient cases (intake and follow ups) will be available for viewing at any time during the course (foundation course only)
  • Advanced Homeopathy & HFA - 40 classes - available NOW

This course is open to -

Students of other homeopathic colleges

Practitioners - homeopathy, naturopathy, medicine, nursing, other alternative modalities

People who have done basic study or self learning in homeopathy

People who want to learn constitutional Homeopathy and have almost no previous training in Homeopathy

Previous VCCH and HFA students

Please contact the college if you do not meet the above criteria to check on eligibility for course enrolment.

Course availability, access and completion -

  • Courses are available for an 8 month period from date of booking
  • Students will be given a user id and password to access the classes in a secure online environment
  • Access Introduction to Homeopathy & HFA - includes recordings of 10 classes
  • Access HFA foundation course - includes recordings of 21 classes, HFA video and paper cases, 400 pages of HFA information, a self learning guide, essays, cases and self tests, access to HFA forum
  • Access Advanced Homeopathy & HFA - 40 classes including cases, case analysis, case repping and case management
  • A letter of completion will be issued by the college for the purpose of professional education points and/or student training requirement hours (check with your local association or college for eligibility)
Level 1 - introduction to Homeopathy - 10 classes - (7.5 hours) - $125 AUD
Level 2 - HFA foundation course - using facial analysis (HFA) - 21 classes (80 hours including cases and reading) - $650 AUD (this course is currently archived - see APC next line)
Level 2 - Advanced Practitioner Course in HFA - 40 (shorter) classes - summary of HFA foundation course with updated face, repping and case management info - $750AUD
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You do not have to be previously trained in Homeopathy to join our courses but we like to know about your background and experience and suitability for learning HFA Homeopathy
Submit payment details - Visa or Mastercard - (your payment will be processed AFTER your enrolment form has been submitted and approved)