HFA foundation course


About the course

21 week full course (15 weeks clinical training + 6 weeks HFA principles)

  • Recorded classes - full flexibilty to view all course content online
  • 21 classes (each delivered by Grant Bentley)
  • 400 pages of online notes (essays, instructions, cases)
  • Ten cases
  • Online forum
  • Course allows for CPD and CHC points (class hours 42, case hours - 20)
  • 8 months duration to complete the course from your starting date - (average time to complete course is five months)
  • Flexibility to study at your own pace

Full course – single payment – $650 AUD

$650 Australian dollars is approximately*

$480 US $600 Can 400 Euro 360 GBP 34000 INR** 53,200 JPY

6500 ZAR**




*Daily rates vary due to currency exchange
Check up to date currency conversions here

**See special discount offer for Indian practitioners and students in the Facial Analysis and Homeopathy book (last page) - book is only available to students/practitioners in India, Africa and Asia (excluding Japan)



General information - Homœopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) online training course

VCCH welcomes students and practitioners familiar with basic homœopathic principles to learn about facial analysis and how it can be incorporated with classical case taking, analysis, repertorising and case management.  This course is suited to both homœopaths and naturopaths and other alternative modalities at either student or practitioner level.


HFA Course FAQ

Course overview


Technical requirements

  • 256 MB of free RAM
  • 20 MB free disk space
  • 28.8 kbps Internet connection
Application and browser information - for full details, click here
Course modules
  • Miasms and HFA
  • Facial analysis
  • Case taking
  • Case analysis and repertorising
  • Posology and case management
  • Soul & Survival - philosophy and clinical application


Homœopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) will bring your clinical results to 70% or higher (experienced practitioners have success rates of 90%)

Homœopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) is based on twenty years of clinical research and is the most effective contemporary way to practice homœopathy using Hahnemannian philosophy with technology of the 21st century (digital camera and homœopathic repertorisation software)


More information about Homœopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) research can be read here »

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