HFA - learning modules

You can follow these modules in order (suggested) or do them in the order that suits you.

All are recommended for a complete training in HFA and Homeopathy


The college is closed 10th October till 6th November. Send your enrollment - we will contact you after 6th November

Which HFA course is right for me?






Current status


Intro to Hom & HFA

10 classes

$125 AUD


Online – own pace



Advanced Homeopathy & HFA






HFA foundation course


40 classes - revised new version of 21 classes as per the HFA foundation course - with cases built into classes and all updated HFA info** (new shorter classes recorded 2021)




21 classes

400 webpage info

10 patient cases

(old longer classes recorded 2011 - this course will only be available until 2024)




$750 AUD






$650 AUD





# $1125 AUD BOTH - discounted price



30hrs - classes & cases






45hrs - classes & cases

10hrs - web

25hrs - cases (video)

Online – own pace








Online - own pace








HFA - miasmatic prescribing

Overview of HFA with case management (2019) and facial analysis

This course was written for Indian Homeopaths and is provided through The Homeopathic Academy (Delhi)

Contact -

The Homeopathic Academy (VCCH training course)

7.5hrs classes

Online – own pace



Your cases

  • Facial analysis
  • Repping
  • Case management


$400 AUD


(1 hour = $100AUD - free if you are ok to record and share on the college website)

One-on-one training with your cases via Skype









50 - 100 - 130 hrs

Depending on combination of learning levels

$1275 AUD 

Level 2 - includes APC - 40 classes -  + $475 AUD for HFA foundation course





(Gippsland, Australia)









HFA Frequently Asked Questions

** 40 classes - recorded 2021 - covers the same material as classes 1-15 of the level 2 HFA foundation course - cases are built into classes and not available in video format as per the 21 class option. Students are welcome to purchase both - with 1 year to view all - or purchase either separately. Time extensions can be requested.

The 40 classes (Advanced Practitioner course) are between 30 and 45 mins each and contain the latest HFA info as of 2021. In conjunction with The HFA Workbork and the new (just released via Complete Dynamics) HFA software, students will be able to learn HFA to a base clinical level.

Every student learns differently - contact us - to discuss whether level 1 (intro) is required or the full level 2 and/or if level 3 would be suitable. All modules were written for different audiences - from non-Homeopath to current traditional practitioner. Depending on your existing training, you may need one, two or three modules. We provide short mentoring sessions too (level 4).