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April 2005
Case by Robyn Williams


School/Social problems in a 7-year-old girl.

This young girl had been showing signs of difficulty with school for the past 4-5 months. Previously had loved school and been keen to attend. She was frequently waking with a dry cough in the morning, complaining of stomach pains and refusing to get ready for school. If she attended school she was spending all her free time (recess and lunch) with her grand mother who works as an aide at the school. She had been sent home apparently unwell on a number of occasions only to "pick up" as soon as she was home. When asked about school she stated that she does not "like it and it was too hard - everything was too hard" but could not give any more clarity.

She had been seen clinically previously suffering with eczema. A dry, itchy form that appeared in the flexure of the elbows. (previous treatment was Calc Carb with good response). The eczema had flared again when her parents separated about 3 years previously. (again treated with Calc Carb with good response). The eczema had again flared when the problems with school arose. This time it also appeared on her chest as well as the flexure of the elbows.

She had always had trouble falling asleep and was very restless once asleep; needed a night light and woke frequently at night. Had many bad dreams e.g. Monsters under the bed and would often end up in her mothers bed. Her mother had banned her from her bed and now she was frequently found in her brother's bed.

Late last year she had lost her favourite aunt to cancer and now slept with her aunt's photo and funeral memorabilia. Described as friendly and outgoing she was part of a close-knit friendship of 4 girls whilst at school. At the end of last year her teachers had decided that she worked better away from the group and so was placed in a different class and building. Her friends did not want to include her anymore.

Her mother said she is very sensitive and worries a lot. She worries about Iraq, and other people dying. She is also very strong willed and bossy and is subject to temper tantrums when she does not get her own way - screaming that she hates people, slams doors, runs away and hides in a cupboard. She would tend to calm down if given a cuddle. She seemed to know that her reaction was extreme but could not control it.

Has a good appetite with a strong desire for sweets - cordial, lemonade, lollies which seemed to aggravate both her moods and eczema when present.

Analysis: I had treated this girl previously for eczema on 2 occasions with what could be described as good results. This was prior to using facial diagnosis to determine the miasm. Using facial diagnosis the blue (syphilitic) miasm was suggested. This would contra indicate Calc Carb and probably explains why the result was only partial with none of the deeper issues e.g. sleep patterns, temper tantrums, being affected


Prescription: Mercury 200C, 1 dose.

Result: 2 weeks later. Eczema is no longer apparent. Attending school with no further problems (from day 2 after taking the remedy). Had discussed the school situation with her grand mother and said that she so badly wanted to be included in the group. Now didn't care - she just wanted to be who she was!!! Interestingly, apparently the group of girls now desperately want to include her but she is not really interested as she now has a new group of friends. Sleeping well and staying in her bed. No temper tantrums.

3 months later: Continues to be well.


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