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Behaviour and eating disorder


October 2006
Case by Sally Stephen


This case is interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly it shows how important facial analysis is in choosing the best remedy to fit the case by including the miasm. Secondly it is a case taken by a fourth year student who doesn't have years of experience but in following correct homœopathic and miasmatic procedure was able to find a similar remedy that made significant changes to the patient's condition, with the first remedy chosen. Thirdly it reminds us what a perfect system Homœopathy is by not only changing a child's health but also their entire demeanor.

Patrick aged 7 - May 2006

Brought by his mother to a consultation taken by a VCCH student as part of her clinic studies. His mother describes him as "not very tolerant of other children". His teacher says he is disruptive in class too. He likes to be the boss in all situations and doesn't tolerate new things, food or situations very well. He refuses to eat any new food saying he doesn't like it, without trying it. Lately due to his enormous energy he has been running to school (nearly a kilometre) and after school running in the park. These activities help him to be calmer although it is a recent change to his routine so his mother isn't sure how much it will help in the long run. When he plays games with other children he has to set all the rules. He loves to socialise and he loves sport. His group of friends has changed from the previous year but he doesn't seem to mind and is happy to play with anyone available although his Mother suggests he doesn't have that many friends. At school he won't sit still and disrupts the group he is with. On a few occasions he has instigated the cutting of his own hair and clothes and encouraged others to do the same. He was told he would have to pay for the cost of replacement from his own pocket money and he said "oh my goodness, no chance of that one".

Sometimes he gets very angry with other children and will push them and he will often yell at them. Recently he and his sister were playing up in the car but as he was in the front and causing more trouble he got told off. He got really angry and thought his sister should have received more blame. He never listens when asked to do anything and often just yells "no" or "I am doing it" but rarely follows through. He seems better when mentally stimulated and can sit and do his homework if it is set in front of him. When his mother makes any decision for him he yells "you are not the boss of me, I can do what I want, I get to choose what I want". Sometimes he is responsive but it is random and he has behaved like this since he was young.

Physically he often gets sore stomachs. He had a conventional diagnosis which revealed he had swollen glands in his abdomen. At one time it was thought he had appendicitis as the pains were so bad. As he wasn't getting much sleep and his breathing was impeded his adenoids were removed when he was four. After this his sleep was slightly improved. His appetite is enormous and he takes three lunch boxes of food to school each day. He always says he is starving and then comes home and eats more before dinner. He rarely gets takeaway food and recently he ate pizza at a friends and after five pieces he vomited and then wanted some more because he was hungry. His favourite foods are meat, rice, pasta, homemade hamburgers and vegetables. He loves chocolate but rarely gets any and also loves fruit. He doesn't like rich foods and he dislikes eggs. He will refuse to eat food with eggs in them although he is ok with cake.

When he is tired his weak spot is his stomach and he will get pains and cramps. Then his mother is careful with the food he eats in case he vomits. He doesn't get headaches, ear or eye problems and just some sneezing more in the summer. His adenoids were removed because his tonsils were so enlarged. On occasions his breath is smelly. His bowels are normal although occasionally he gets some diarrhoea if food doesn't agree with him. His mother thinks this might be related to meat but isn't sure. At night he has trouble getting to sleep sometimes still awake two hours after going to bed and sometimes he talks in his sleep. In bed he can sweat and get very hot and need his pyjamas changed. His sleep is worse when he is overheated.

Sometimes he gets pains in his knee and arm and when he was 20months old his hands started swelling and he stopped using them. Juvenile arthritis was diagnosed and after injections of cortisone into the finger joints the symptoms went away. As an infant sometimes he would vomit after feeding.

The objective behind the choice of rubrics is to find a mix of both mentals and generals so that the totality is catered for.

MIND; DICTATORIAL, domineering, dogmatic, despotic (30)
MIND; OBSTINATE, headstrong (118)
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; eggs; aversion (24)
GENERALITIES; EXERTION, physical; amel. (39)
GENERALITIES; GLANDS in general, complaints of (46)
STOMACH; APPETITE; ravenous, canine, excessive (235)

Using this repertorisation the following remedies presented themselves.

Calc, Phos, Sulph, Caust, Tub, Carc, Lyc, Puls, Sil, Merc, Rhus Tox, Ars, Bell

Facial analysis becomes extremely important at this stage.


Front teeth
Down turned eyes
Facial lines
Bridge of nose
Asymmetry - ears, eyes, mouth
Bridge of nose

None of the miasms are dominant over the others so they will all be of equal importance. Psora, sycosis and syphilis combined is the cancer miasm (Brown).

Of the four cancer remedies in the list above (Caust, Carc, Sil, Ars) Carcinosin is chosen as covering his symptoms and disposition the best (Vermuelen and Murphy materia medica).

A single dose of Carc 200C is given. Shortly afterwards his mother reports his behaviour is much better. His teacher has commented that he is no longer disruptive in class and he is able to concentrate very well. He has lots of friends and is much more accepting when things don't go his way and he doesn't seem nearly as bossy. His eating habits have changed, he is now able to stop, saying he has had enough and there has been no vomiting or stomach aches. At night he is better at going to bed and gets to sleep much more quickly. One month later his behaviour starts to slip and he receives another Carc 200C single dose. Immediately his behaviour improves again. Four months later he has just started slipping back again especially his behaviour. Another single dose of Carc 200C is given to which he immediately responds again.

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