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Trigeminal Neuralgia


(Added August 2005)
Case by Robyn Williams


A case of severe trigeminal neuralgia in a 20-week pregnant lady. When seen clinically, patient was in severe pain and the whole of the left side of her face obviously swollen. This attack had lasted 3 weeks with very little respite. No medication had made any impact. Attacks commenced with a burning sensation in the left tear duct, gradually building to a crescendo then passing in waves through entire left side of face leaving a feeling of numbness. Pain appeared to occur equally throughout the night and day. Pain wakes her a number of times a night - 7 times the previous night. Husband said that he had seen her strike herself in the left side of the face at times during an attack - something she did a few times in the clinic. Some relief was gained by having a hot shower - seemed to be able to go back to sleep for a while.

This was not her first attack. She had suffered a number of attacks previously and prior to her pregnancy had been able to gain some control over the pain by taking Schussler cell salt (Kali phos, Mag phos, Ferrum phos) every 2nd day.

Problem could be traced back to age 18 when involved in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship, which she eventually ended. For a number of years was diagnosed as sinusitis and eventually trigeminal neuralgia. Also diagnosed as Celiac 7 years previously after working in a bakery and consuming a lot of bread products - a food she would not touch as a child.


HEAD PAIN; UNDULATING, waves of (35)
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; bread; aversion (45)

Facial diagnosis suggested the purple miasm. Remedies showing on the repertorisation are Nat M, Sep, Sep, Lach, Chin, Cycl, Rhus Tox, Plat etc.

Lachesis being a main purple remedy and close to the top of the graph was chosen.

Prescription: Lachesis 200C - 1 dose and let me know how you are tomorrow.

Result: Slept through completely that night. Swelling greatly diminished. Face feeling sensitive and bruised. Occasional twinges in left tear duct.

3 days later: No pain, some slight sensitivity and a feeling as though she has sinusitis. "I feel fantastic!"

1 week later: No problem. Feeling and sounding extremely well.


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