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(May 2005)
Case by Louise Barton


A 13 year old male is brought to the student clinic by his mother for anger problems. She says he was "born with fists". He has two younger siblings and fights with them a lot. His parent split up three years ago and his father took him with him against his mother's wishes. A kidnapping was arranged to get him back and things were very nasty afterwards including a court hearing. The mother relays this story, he doesn't want to speak and sits slumped with a sullen expression on his face.

Ever since he was young he has always been physically excessive. He would always take a game too far for example head-butting his father if they were messing around - afterwards he would be ashamed of his behaviour. His mother had a good pregnancy and birth and he was a great baby. As an infant he developed pneumonia and whooping cough after a vaccination and was left with a chesty cough. He has always had very red cheeks.

As a young child he was happy and his milestones were normal. At one stage he was diagnosed with a wheat problem and told that his bowel was damaged. At two he had hearing problems and had grommets inserted four or five times. His sister was born when he was three and he was very loving towards her. However he did show bouts of frustration for example he would hate the TV being on and would make a fuss. He was shy in a group but regarded as a great student and very co-operative. At the age of five his parents separated for six months but there was no discernable changes in him.

He shows most of his anger towards his sister (see Grief case) and calls her names and puts his finger up at her. When she screams he is ok. He won't stop and everyone is upset because of his behaviour. Mostly it is done in jest but it is tormenting. His mother says at times he can be protective and show concern however he can work himself into a rage and sometimes kick but never hits. Then he will be in tears and want to be alone.

When asked what he would change in his life he replies "change my sister into a boy or have an older brother, someone to wrestle with". Also have an extra room as he shares with his younger brother who snores and makes a mess. He loves sport and is very competitive.

He had a history of a bad chest cold two years ago with vomiting, being unable to eat and he couldn't even walk. His mouth is dry and he desires chocolate, salt and lasagna+++. He likes meat, vegetables, fruit, spicy and eggs. He has an aversion to dairy and butter and his thirst is average. He also has a strong aversion to bananas.

He has mildly sweating feet and is a warm person worse for heat but also worse for winter and wet. His main fear is heights and when he is upset his face flushes especially on his cheeks and eyebrows.


MIND; SENSITIVE, oversensitive; noise, to (180)
MIND; ANGER, irascibility; tendency (306)
MIND; FEAR; high places (18)
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; milk; aversion (75)
MIND; BITING; nails (45)

Examination of his facial features showed an equal dominance of sycotic and syphilitic features. This showed he belongs to the syco-syphilitic (purple) group and so a purple remedy needed to be chosen. Remedies showing on the repertorisation are Phos, Nat M, Staph, Sulph, Calc, Puls, Stram Stram, etc. Both Stramonium and Staphysagria are considered but Staphysagria is chosen due more to the "essence" picture (although we often disregard essence pictures if there is a choice between two remedies the essence remedy is usually chosen). He was given a single dose of Staphysagria 200C.

Follow up - July 2005:
After the remedy he became much calmer and for a few weeks was much better in his behaviour. His mother immediately noticed that his constant frown was gone and his face looked more relaxed. Then his mother lost her temper and he immediately reverted back. Staphysagria 1M was given - single dose.

Follow up - August 2005:
He is relaxed and happy - his mother says he is "wonderful". The phlegm on his chest has cleared and he is getting on much better with his sister. No remedy given.


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