The Pillars of good homeopathic prescribing - Repertorisation

A homeopath needs certain tools as does any other professional. Homeopathic software is an absolute necessity to be able to repertorise effectively. Every time a case is analysed it needs to be repertorised until the best remedy is found. We use RadarOpus and Complete Dynamics software but other types are equally effective. Basic programmes are adequate - there is no need for fancy graph facilities.

Size of rubrics - many of us were taught to find smaller rubrics otherwise we would be swamped with remedies in our graph. However if we use repertorising as a tool for pulling in a number of remedies, and facial analysis to narrow them down, we can use much larger rubrics than previously advised. This makes the process easier, as the larger rubrics are easy to find. They will also be much more likely to contain our patient's remedy than the smaller rubrics. Don't despair if you end up with twenty or more remedies in your result - remember that facial analysis will allow you to discard 6/7ths of them straight away leaving you with only a few remedies or less to consider.

Generally a rubric should contain at least 20 remedies to be of use. We often use rubrics that contain 100 - 500 remedies. Only use smaller rubrics if that rubric is an EXACT match for the patient's symptom (and even then the smaller rubric may not contain the desired remedy).

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