Teresa face case

Teresa shared both how her case and then her face was analyzed using HFA methodology. Watch how Teresa's case is analyzed with a focus on general rubrics, followed by a facial analysis to determine her dominant miasm.

This facial analysis shows an example of a face that has some question marks, based on the photos and whether some lines should be included. We do a shorter 2nd session with better photos (see below) and make a dominant miasm decision. Teresa's rep is checked and then the first remedy is chosen.



Follow up one month after taking the remedy as chosen in Part 2. Teresa's has a new dominant miasm and will trial the repertorized remedy with a daily dose of 30C to see what will happen with her symptom pattern. The extra challenge is she is taking a trip to India - with a long travel period and time change - and on previous visits got knocked around energetically and physically.

FOLLOW UP - 2nd discussion - ONE MONTH LATER (October 2022)


FOLLOW UP - 3rd discussion - ONE MONTH LATER (November 2022)


FOLLOW UP - 4th discussion - TWO MONTHS LATER (January 2023)

Teresa shares her 4th follow up - "I now have the experience of all parts of me coming into balance"