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Testimonials – HFA Students



I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for this great course. I have studied classical homeopathy for three years, but I haven't really got my practise going because I felt there was something missing. I felt as if I had to be a psychiatrist with 30 years experience to find the right remedy. I found your teachings and it all makes sense. Thank you.
Agneta Sweden     

HFA is a wonderful way to apply the work of classical homeopaths in today’s time. It’s a tried and tested technique which can practically enhance the results in a clinic set up .In practice, many times there are prejudices of the physician as well as of the patients which becomes a hurdle to reach the right remedy, the HFA course is a way to cross that hurdle in a subtle way and reach the right remedy with more surety and certainty .
Dr Geeta Rani Arora
Homeopathic Practitioner
Editor ,The Homoeopathic Heritage

Having studied HFA at the Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy in Melbourne, I am using HFA exclusively in my homeopathic practice with good results that my patients are very happy with. It is a simple and thorough procedure that gives great clinical results. In regards to stress patterns and the 7 miasms, an incredibly interesting system to be involved with. I have enjoyed it so much, that I have furthered my study by doing more online HFA courses and learn more and more each time. I would highly recommend this system and any study that Grant and Louise offer in regards to HFA
Katharine Clark
NSW, Australia


My experience with the HFA course was wonderful. I learned so much and the support from Grant and Louise was excellent. Questions were quickly answered in great detail. The online Google group where we shared cases was a great learning experience as well.

I had almost given up on having any kind of homeopathic practice, although I will always use it for myself and pets. HFA has renewed my passion, as I can now see a more practical and objective way to determine the remedy. I found the essence method to be too subjective. I also learned a lot about fundamental homeopathic principles and repertorizing for this method.

Ann Marshall, Ontario, Canada  

I am very grateful for having taken the HFA course. It has opened my eyes to the way our instinctive survival plays a role in our lives. Having learned this system, analyzing cases have gotten faster and have led me to the remedy a lot quicker. One case would have taken me 3-4 different remedies without knowing the HFA method. With HFA, the first remedy chosen worked wonderfully. I have more confidence in case analysis.
The online course was great in guiding us step by step. Detailed case examples were helpful and the ongoing support after the course is fabulous. Thanks Louise and Grant.
Beverly Isla, Toronto, Canada


I feel immensely privelidged to be able to learn this method. Having abandoned homeopathy as a to hit and miss approach some years ago left me a little sad, as I have had personally experienced it's benefits in the past. HFA and it's underlying philosophy has confirmed what I have suspected after many years as a psychiatric crisis clinician. I finally feel equiped to be able to help people who have been given a psychiatric diagnosis. HFA has supplied the missing piece of the puzzle to my education.

The teachings have managed to captivate me well into the late night hours. If anything they were like an excellent book, which you are unable to put down. Completing the course from recordings only gave me the freedom to finish it in my own time and due to it's compelling content I managed a lecture most nights, rather than having to wait for the weekly instalment.

Birgit Schaedler, Melbourne, Australia


HFA is truly the only way to practice homeopathy. Keeping the foundational principles of Hahnemannian homeopathy, it offers the most solid diagnostic tool for finding the correct miasm – the face. Grant Bentley and Louise Barton have been the most instrumental influence in my homeopathic schooling and now small practice. Heeding the clinical work of HFA with Grant and Louise is a gift that every homeopath needs. I can’t thank them enough for their excellence in teaching and guidance and for their continued generosity to the field of homeopathy. If you truly want to learn the real tools to be a great homeopath, HFA is your answer.

R.M., Minnesota

Using HFA (Homoeopathic Facial Analysis) I now get results from homoeopathy I literally used to dream about. But in my dreams these results would only become a reality when I had been in practice for a couple of decades or once I had truly grasped each remedy, only then would I have a thriving practice. Well at least this is how it seemed to work for most successful homoeopaths.

HFA has made this dream come true much sooner. My practice has grown tremendously based on word of mouth due to the results I get using HFA.

I used to pre-judge my results based on the condition that my patient presented with. The more serious the disease, the harder it would be to treat it. With HFA all chronic disease is just that, chronic disease. Every patient has an equal chance of getting results using this method no matter what they suffer from.

Learning HFA is also incredibly easy. Grant and Louise have made it possible for you to learn this method from anywhere in the world using their books, websites, as well as the online course.

If you are serious about learning HFA then I would highly recommend the online HFA course. My love and understanding of homoeopathy has grown tremendously from doing the course and it feels as though all my years of studying have finally made sense in just 21 classes with Grant.

Grant is an amazing teacher with so much to give and give he does. The method is taught very simply but not one detail is left out. You will feel incredibly competent as an HFA practitioner once you have completed the course. I plan to do it again next year!

Thank you Grant and Louise! What an amazing and much needed gift you have given the profession.

Dr Shelley Cable (South Africa)


There exists a wide variety of approaches to learning and understanding the art of prescribing homeopathic medicine. Grant Bentley's facial analyses classes distilled this process for me by approaching the fundamentals of Hahnemann's classical teaching regarding miasma-dominance and the remedies that fall under these dominating miasmas from a facial analyses approach. This approach has proven too have an amazing effective prescribing success rate for me making the whole process simpler, more successful, and satisfying. Grant's online courses are well organized, personal and illuminating. I highly recommend these classes—you will not be disappointed.

Nancy Nelson CNM, ANP, Soldotna, Alaska.

I have been studying and using HFA for the last four years. This innovative method has provided most valuable insight into my patients and their cases, but in addition to this, it has been a true delight to know and learn from Grant Bentley. His knowledge, perception and lateral thinking capability are all outstanding.
Helen K, United Kingdom


My experience with HFA

The best method to understand miasms is facial analysis with Grant's HFA method!! I was always confused as regards to miasm and avoided using it in my practise until I came across this method when I was in Sydney!!  I joined the online course and I am using it now in my practise most effectively ,,,just you need to get perfect with the method and your skills Precisely, I feel every homoeopath needs to get unprejudiced to learn more about homeopathy and HFA is one of the best methods I have learnt so far

Dr Vidyali Prabhu, India