Treatment Plan Details




Due to high level patients loads in the clinic and different time zones, Grant Bentley offers a fast track approach, allowing you to begin treatment much sooner.

Grant Bentley will complete the case analysis BEFORE speaking with you

Stage 1 - Information Collection

  • Book your consultation - ($75AUD)
  • A proforma and photo instructions will be sent to you
  • You will be offered two further options (no extra charge)
    • A phone call on how our clinic operates, question and answer session (10 minutes)
    • A live training session for facial analysis photo taking, via Skype (15 minutes)
  • Send the completed photos and proforma back as soon as possible to commence Stage 2. 

Stage 2 - Case Analysis (Treatment Plan)

  • Grant Bentley will do a case analysis based on the facial photos and the health proforma.  He will send a Treatment Plan by email. This analysis will be completed within one week of receiving your case information (proforma and photos)
  • You may be asked some extra questions via email
  • You will be sent
    • First remedy to order and commence straight away as instructed
    • Back up remedy if needed (to order, but not take yet)
    • Where to purchase remedies
    • How to take remedies
    • A request to rate the major symptoms (to be returned straight away)
  • Charge for case analysis completion - Treatment Plan ($200AUD)

The appointment time you are given, will become the first Skype appointment with Grant Bentley ($160AUD) – this appointment will be scheduled for 45 minutes


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