VCCH clinic fees and guidelines

Grant Bentley - clinic fees 

Treatment Plan (first step) - $225* AUD

Stage 1 - booking, health proforma and photo instructions and collection $65 AUD

Stage 2 -  case analysis, facial analysis, first remedy choice, treatment plan $160 AUD

Follow up appointments - $120* AUD (4-6 weekly, then spread to 8-12 weeks once the case is stable)

*Conversion rate to USD (September 24th, 2020) = 225AUD/158USD, 120AUD/85USD


Treatment between scheduled appointments

Free acute/chronic advice is given between (scheduled) appointments to a limit of 3 emails per patient.

  1. 4 emails or more -  a $30 AUD charge per email/per advice (lasting a period of 7 days for the same problem) will be charged
  2. Appointment pushed out further than 2 weeks beyond Grant's requested duration - $50 AUD charge per acute/chronic advice email
  3. Leaving the clinic - no extra treatment advice will be given until you book back into the system and/or set up email correspondence. Extra advice sent from the point the patient schedules back into the system will be charged at $120 AUD, until the next scheduled follow up appointment.

Acute treatment guidelines (beyond the 3 free emails between each scheduled appointment for each patient)

  1. Where a family of two or more members have the same acute condition - there will only be one charge per contact (but will be free if within the 3 emails between scheduled appointments)
  2. Where a patient with an extra chronic problem or adjustment to a current chronic problem needs further advice after their 3rd email, the charge applied will last for 7 days. If further advice is required after 7 days, a new charge will be made to cover the following 7 days.

Patient with NO CURRENT scheduled appointments** (previous long term patients only)

  • Acute problem - $65 AUD charge - lasting 7 days. If further advice is required after 7 days, a new charge will be made to cover the following 7 days.
  • Chronic problem - $120 AUD charge - includes total of 3 emails at no extra charge until next appoinment (all changes to chronic remedies will be expected to book a follow up appointment between 4 and 6 weeks)

**Acute advice is only given to current or previous long-term patients of the clinic

Cancellation/appointment changes

Confirmed appointments - please give 48 hours notice for a cancelled or changed appointment

No show - your appointment will be charged in full

Between 48 and 24 hours notice - your appointment will be charged at 50% rate.

Less than 24 hours notice - your appointment will be charged in full

Confirming appointments

We ask that you check your calendar as soon as your next follow up time arrives. Where patients don't confirm appointments and other patients want different times, your time will be offered to another patient. You will be offered a different time when your original time is offered to someone else. Once you confirm your appointment, it will not be changed unless there is an emergency. The clinic deals with multiple time zones and rescheduling is often not available without at least 4 weeks' notice. We try to keep on top of all the daylight savings changes - if you are in a state or area (eg Arizona, Qld, WA - Aust) where your time zone differs to the surrounding part of the country, please remind us, so we have the right time for you.