Links to websites related to homeopathy and alternative medicines

Soul & Survival -
Soul & Survival is the title of Grant Bentley's third book. Soul & Survival is why facial analysis information works in the clinic. Universal principles which explain what a miasm is, how important a miasm is and the amazing link between our unconscious inherited memories and the events of our lives. The Soul & Survival website is for homœopaths and the general public.

The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society -
Australia's largest professional association of complementary medicine practitioners, representing about 65% of the total complementary medicine profession.

WholeHealthNow -
Dedicated to the future and the integrity of homeopathy. Aims to provide our customers, professional health care providers, their patients and the general public with the highest quality complementary health products, services, and resources available at the lowest possible cost.

Kent Homeopathic Associates -
Since 1986, Kent Homeopathic Associates has been at the leading edge of homeopathic theory and technology. Their revolutionary software programs, MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks, have transformed the way homeopathy is practiced around the world. Nearly all of the world's great teachers prefer this software, and many of them serve on the design team.

Complete Dynamics
Homeopathic software developed in Europe by Roger Van Zandvoort and company.

History of Homoeopathy in Australia -

This website is the definitive source for teachers, researchers, students, and genealogists who wish to know about the use of homœopathic medicine in Australia’s early history, generally pre-1900.

HomeopathyHome -
A large portal website providing information, health news, homeopathic remedies and books.

The Homeopathic Archives -
Historical information about Homoeopathy compiled by Julian Winston.

British Homeopathic Library -
A vital source for information about homeopathy.

Phototheque Homeopathique -
Photographs of leading homoeopaths and homoeopathic hospitals worldwide.

Health Traditions with Bruce Bentley -
For people interested in learning traditional therapies including Cupping and Traditional Thai Massage - Health Traditions offers the best courses available. Classes are presented in both Australia and the USA.