Dr Tejas Joshi

(B.H.M.S.) Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery, a full time 4 and half year course followed by 1 year compulsory internship through D.S. Homoeopathic medical college, one of the prestigious Homoeopathic colleges in Pune (India), completed in 1995. Secured 3rd Rank in over all University standings in Final year B.H.M.S. 1st prize for standing 1st in subject of Medicine.
Music has always been my love. I am a trained pianist, recently passed grade 3 piano exams conducted by Trinity School UK with distinction.  I am a keyboard player in an All Doctors Music Group called "LETS ACT" which stands for Life enrichment through science arts and charity trust. We perform to collect donations which are given to poor patients. 
I have been in Private Homoeopathic practice since 1996.  I got exposed to HFA in 2012 and it has revolutionized my practice. HFA has brought sound standardisation in my practice. The doubt about which road to take has just vanished. No matter what case, you have a solid case taking format to adhere to. That feels very secure. Plus you always get some result in first 15 days, even in long standing chronic cases. That gives you confidence that you are on right track.

I have tried Sankaran method, but it's not everybody's cup of tea. I feel the complexity is their feather in the cap. I tried Vijaykar method which bases miasm on pathology, their method is very systematic , but I frankly did not get very satisfying results with it. HFA has really simplified my practice. It has simplified and yet I have good results. It gives speed, simplicity, reproducibility, and standardisation. All parameters of a scientific method. I love it!
Hats off to Grant Sir!