HFA in the Clinic - Success & Strategy




HFA in the Clinic – Success & Strategy

HFA in the Clinic - Success & Strategy, details using remedies as energy for the patient, along with case types, case success, case taking, case analysis, repertorization, case management, and case examples. HFA in the Clinic - Success & Strategy is a training companion to The HFA Workbook.

HFA history

More than 20 years ago, VCCH (Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy) led by principal Grant Bentley, began a research project involving the concept of miasms (Hahnemann's version) and facial structure. Within a few years, HFA (Homeopathic Facial Analysis) was born. Quickly proving itself in the clinic, facial structure became the ultimate and only diagnostic to determine a patient's miasm. With time, the idea of a miasm being a pathological base, transitioned to the idea of a defence mechanism. Once this link was understood, a transformation in clinical outcomes began. Built upon Hahnemann's miasm legacy (Chronic Miasms 1828), HFA opens up the potential of Homeopathy as never before.

Contents of HFA in the Clinic – Success & Strategy

This second book written by Louise Bentley was inspired by the various questions asked by students during their mentor sessions. Inspired by the ongoing understanding that homeopathic remedies are pockets of energy that resonate with the patient and interact with their own energy, this book reminds the reader of that reality and how energy impacts on case management. Case types, case taking, repertorization, basics of the miasm, theory of the face and case strategies that students or practitioners need for confident clinical practice are included.

From the first remedy analysis to case management with both naturopathic principals and conventional medicine interaction, this book is the culmination of the advances that the HFA process has brought to homeopathic practice.








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