HFA Consultations


Consultations are available with Grant Bentley via email, skype and phone.



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Clinic fees and guidelines






  • First consultation is $195 AUD (Australian Dollars)
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  • A deposit of $65 AUD is made to Grant Bentley, using an online credit card payment system - this amount is to cover the pre-analysis of your case including your proforma and your facial analysis photos. It is refundable within seven days of booking and can be transferred to another patient within 6 months of the booking date (but only before your proforma and photos have been sent by you to the clinic).  The amount of $65 AUD will be processed within 1 - 3 business days of receiving your booking
  • An appointment time, a patiient health proforma and photos instructions will be sent to you by email once the deposit has been processed
  • You forward this completed proforma to the clinic by email
  • You forward 9 photos for facial analysis purposes to the clinic by email
  • An analysis of your health symptoms and your facial analysis photos will be completed before your first consultation
  • Payment of balance of $130 AUD will be processed the day of your first consultation
  • The current waiting time for a new consultation is approximately 8 -10 weeks* - depending on your time zone
*Excepting March, when Grant Bentley will be overseas lecturing
  • Phone calls will be made to you in all major countries
  • Remedy to be secured within your own country where possible
  • Remedy can be sent from Australia (small charge for the remedy - single remedy per consultation - postage charges will apply outside of Australia)
  • Remedies are supplied to Australian based patients by mail (postage included) or in person
  • Appointments ae all conducted by Skype or phone






  • Follow up consultation - 4-5 weeks after the first consultation - cost $110 AUD (includes up to 3 free acute/chronic remedy changes/advice)
  • Patients outside of Australia to secure the suggested remedy directly with their local homeoapthic supplier
  • A remedy per consultation (where required) will be provided as part of the charge to Australian based patients only
  • Appointments are scheduled as per the case needs as decided by your practitioner
  • Once your case stabilises, appointments will be scheduled at 6, 8 then 12 weeks then on an as needs basis
  • Patients who leave the clinic system are free to return to the system but may have to wait the current waiting time for new patients for an appointment (currently between 6 and 8 weeks)
  • Remedy support and case questions between scheduled appointments are included in the consultation price (to a maximum of 3 acute/chronic changes/emails between consultations), excepting where patients push their appointments further than 2 weeks beyond the suggested appointment time, or choose to leave the clinic system - extra fees will apply
  • Consultations are conducted by Skype or phone as per arrangements made as part of the consultation process