Ida Ruch



When I grew up in a rural part of Switzerland, I learned to look first to herbal and homeopathic solutions to heal illnesses, because this is what we learned from our parents. Unfortunately, over time, a big part of the Swiss population turned away from natural healing methods. However the attitude of the people may be in a process of change, as I see more and more of my friends and family asking for help based on my knowledge and experience in homeopathy.

My work for an international airline in my previous career, gave me the opportunity to see and observe many different cultures. I learned about the various ways of living and the diversity in the healing approaches of body and mind. I became aware through my job how the fast pace of our industrious life brought many new and ill effects upon people. To mention a few: overindulgence, unhealthy living, and high pressure jobs leading to great stress, are contributing factors to many new ailments in our modern society.

After graduating from BIH (British Institute of Homeopathy) in 2005 with the BIH Diploma, I applied the classical homeopathic method on family and friends. Even so I was able to help in most cases, but oftentimes I was frustrated because it seemed that the miasm responsible for so many of the chronic ailments was eluding my best efforts.

To find answers I began searching through the classics of the great personalities in homeopathy. Starting with Hahnemann’s great work on “Chronic Diseases”, I looked for answers in the great works of Kent, Boenninghausen, Burnett, Clark, Gibson, Farrington and others, to find the more in depth explanation  to the complexity of the miasm, as well  as how to treat the more chronic and long term ailments. I was sort of stuck and quite dissatisfied with results.

In 2009 BIH introduced to its students the HFA method. I signed up for the 21 online classes and completed the studies in August 2010. The HFA method opened up that hidden door about the complex miasm.  … I had found the missing link that I was searching for!

I read all the books written by Grant Bentley and I participated in his clinical “Case-Taking” seminars in 2009 and 2010. Integrating the HFA method into the classical homeopathic treatment made all the difference. I was amazed at the increase of success rate of my cases, specifically in the area of chronic and long term ailments. My passion for homeopathy was kindled anew,  it  made all my efforts so much more rewarding.

I am very grateful to Grant Bentley and Louise Barton for the extensive work that they have done in their research with the HFA method, and the long term studies in providing the efficacy of the HFA method that has led to a consistency of homeopathic practice. Their work is of great benefit to homeopathic practitioners and to their patients!

I am continuing my work and education with the HFA method and classical homeopathy.  My focus is also on nutrition and physical wellness, and mental and spiritual balance.

Very recently my husband and I have settled in the beautiful “Colored Rock” country of Southern Utah.


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