Nirado Sloan

25 years ago I found two veterinarians across the country that treated animals homeopathically.  Dr. Christina Chambreau and Dr. Don Hamilton.  I had the fortune of having Don in my own town and took advantage of that opportunity.  When he moved away I found Christina in Maryland.  We worked on the phone together for years.  While letting her treat my animals, I felt a real pull to understanding homeopathy more and more.  I finally started looking deeply into homeopathy and I have been studying homeopathy diligently  for animals for 12 years.  I had to learn homeopathy for humans first because a there was very little for animals when I first began treating my animals 25 years ago.  I then had to transfer the information to animals.  I just always felt a pull toward homeopathy as it always made sense to me as a healing modality.  I have been working in the energy healing field for many years.  This modality fit right in with the rest of my work. 
I will work with Veterinarians because I was never pulled to the actual mechanics of that profession.  I could never take a knife and cut open anything.  But I have studied healing methods for animals for a long time.  I have an arsenal of methods but am not shy to say it’s time to consult someone from Western Medicine.  It’s not easy to treat animals and sometimes it’s necessary to have a vet tell us what is going on because the human oftentimes will fall short of being able to answer the necessary questions we need answered to find the right remedy.  Relying on what the human companion has to say, I think, is one of the most difficult things to do when treating animals.  When that comes up, it’s off to the vet to get some answers. 
I had heard about HFA on the forum from the school I went to, British Institute of Homeopathy USA, and it just resonated immediately.  Grant was about to present a new 21 week class.  I sat with it for awhile trying to decide if I was going to be able to make this work for animals.  I decided that the worse thing that could happen is that I could learn this for the animal’s human companion, or myself if nothing else!  I wanted to know what my own color was. So I signed up with much trepidation.  Was this really going to be valuable to me in any way?  Was this going to be more wasted money? 
Before class started, I listened to many of the tapes online, the YouTube tapes, and I really was getting more and more interested.  This sounded so much like the philosophy I had come to know in my lifetime.  Grant was filling in so many holes for me, answering so many questions.  I was getting hopeful there was much for me to learn in the class.  I ordered the books as well and read them from front to back.  I loved the philosophy and couldn’t wait for class to start.  I wasn’t clear on the facial stuff, but the philosophy was fascinating. 
When class finally began and Grant started speaking, the class was over before you knew it.  I was enthralled.  I couldn’t get enough, every single week.  I really loved it, every bit, the theory, the presentation, the learning of every detail. If I remember correctly, after the first or second class, sometime in the beginning, I decided to learn experientially Grant’s teaching first hand.  I went under care with him – still am – and saw spectacular changes in my body and my life.  I got to experience what I was learning.  I recommend everyone approach learning this process that way.  This way answers so many questions of how to because you are experiencing it yourself first hand and getting to see how Grant approaches whatever is needed in the moment.  I’ve learned to be so much more patient while waiting for remedies to kick in, seeing responses, understanding what it is I am doing when I am doing it, and dissolving many myths surrounding homeopathy that are just nonsense.
And then of course it came to me, how I can approach this method for animals.  I got it.  It was clear as a bell.  Treating animals for so many years long distance, I had many many photographs of all kinds of animals.  So I started to look.  I had learned how to see a human’s face, now I could see an animal’s face.  It was awesome.  I have integrated Grant’s work into my animal practice totally now.  When a chronic condition is present, I do an analysis of the face, determine the color, and then treat with a remedy in that color.  My success rate has bounced up to levels I never imagined I could achieve.  This method has me falling in love with my practice all over again.  I also get to treat the humans in the animal’s life when they see how spectacular this method is. 
I can’t thank Grant enough for sharing this healing process.  I thank him for giving me my life back to me again, without aches and pains and mental confusion and just general watching myself falling apart from being “older.”  I am vibrant, whole, and happy now and I know for a fact it was from being treated with HFA.  I want to give everyone this experience.  That’s why I now devote a large part of my life to treating animals and humans with HFA.