Robyn Williams



Dip  Hom. Reg AROH (Dip. PE (Melb), HDTS (PE)) 

Robyn has been in clinical practice in Melbourne for nineteen years since graduating from the Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy in 1994. Her studies included undertaking a course at the Bengal Allen Institute in India.  Robyn has a background in education as a physical educator and has many years’ experience dealing with paediatric head injuries.  She also has thirty years’ experience as a swimming teacher specialising in teaching children with disabilities.  She is renowned for her skills in the Halliwick method. 

Robyn has actively followed the process of the development of HFA homeopathy ever since attending one of Grant’s earliest workshops on the topic. Inspired by the consistently impressive clinical outcomes she has witnessed from the application of the method she has been using HFA homeopathy for the past twelve years and has observed the successful outcomes of this method daily.

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