Rose Mahovsky



Rose Mahovsky is a classical homeopath.  Her practice is in Zimmerman Minnesota (USA). Rose and her husband John, have three beautiful children, they homeschool.  Rose has a passion for helping others regain the wellbeing and balance they deserve. In her practice she offers both acute and chronic treatment for persons of all ages. Rose graduated from Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy in California (USA) and received her certificate in HFA through the Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy Melbourne Australia.  Rose has worked with all sorts of imbalances from women with thyroid issues, men with arthritis to ASD in children and much more.  

The training and expertise that was taught at the Victorian College with Grant Bentley in Australia was the most instrumental in Roses homeopathic education.  Not only did HFA benefit her own family’s health, it is now benefiting all the clients she is privileged to work with.  HFA is the only diagnostic tool needed to find the exact miasm of a patient.  If more practitioners utilized this amazing gift in their practice, homeopathy would have the chance to gain momentum in a time in history when it is needed most!  Being able to consistently help others through homeopathy was the intent of Rose and now using HFA, she is able to do so.  Miracle cases are the ones where the miasm was found – now with HFA, the miasm can be consistently found.  There truly are miracles in homeopathy and Rose puts every effort forward to help her clients achieve one. "God openly set fourth what is to be taken away in disease. He does not shroud it in mystical darkness." Samuel Hahnemann, founder of The Art of Homeopathy. 


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