Vivien Heine



I am based in Adelaide where I have a family.  My background is in nursing and environmental sciences.

I was very privileged to train as a homeopath in Kenya where diseases and lifestyles differ to those of Australia. I consolidated that with further studies in Australia and Egypt. Several years ago I read one of Grant’s books on homeopathic facial analysis - and was hooked. In 2009 I completed the HFA course in Lilydale and this year the on-line course.

In 2012 Abhalight, a homeopathic college and natural therapies clinic in Nairobi invited me to present an introductory workshop on HFA for homeopaths in Kenya. We had 18 participants for the one and the half day course, despite a crippling public transport strike. The homeopaths were very keen to implement the facial analysis in their clinics. We worked from charts, as cameras and computers are not available to most practitioners there. The workshop concluded by looking at famous faces of particular interest to Kenyans. This was quite revealing as some of those people had passed away. As we looked at their facial structure we also noticed other features that we might not otherwise have observed that gave clues to lifestyle and possible reasons for (often early) death.

I travel to Kenya to practise homeopathy on a voluntary basis, especially in rural regions. Homeopathy is well received there and HFA is ideal for mobile clinics as fewer remedies are required. Kenyan faces tend to have a number of features in common which limits the number of miasms from which to work and hence the number of remedies to be carried.


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Vivien conducted a HFA seminar in Kenya with the ABHA Light Foundation in November 2012.  Now practitioners in Kenya have the added advantage of using facial analysis to narrow down their remedies choices quiickly and easily.  These practitioners work in primitive conditions compared to the rest of us and we are working with Didi from ABHA Light Foundation to support them through creating manual charts.  If anyone would like to donate to this foundation to help them continue with their HFA development and training please contact the college