What is HFA?


Homeopathic Facial Analysis
(HFA) is a homeopathic methodology developed over a research period of more than a decade (commenced in 1999). The research has been directed by Grant Bentley Principal of the Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy in Melbourne, Australia.
HFembraces Hahnemannian principles and extends upon them by including the analysis of facial features to find each patient's dominant miasm.  A miasm is interpreted as a defense mechanism which is determined by an internal energy as based on Hahneman
n's three primary miasms.  HFA transfers the concept of a miasm from a disease to an energetic force that is enabled during times of stress to protect the host. However like all organic systems when the host is too stressed the defense mechanism will fail resulting in chronic illness. When a homeopathic remedy (healing energy) is introduced to the system an energetic rebalance and healing occurs. 
To initiate this process the remedy must have two aspects in common with the inbalanced and stressed system.  
  • Totality of symptoms
  • Defense mechanism (underlying energeticresponse to stress or miasm)

Totality is determined through repertorisation. 

The defense system (miasm) is determined by the facial structure.


The universe is comprised of three fundamental forces
  • Outward motion (sun energy or Hahnemann's psora)
  • Circular motion (cyclic energy or Hahnemann's sycosis)
  • Inward motion (gravitational energy or Hahnemann's syphilis)
These forces dwell within every individual in various combinations of dominance.  They can be read via the shape and structure of facial features.  Our internal defense mechanism (miasm) is an indwelling unseen force whilst our facial features are an external physical manifestation of the same force/s.


HFA is a reproducible and consistent way of applying homeopathic principles for the treatment of chronic illness. HFA practitioners report success rates of between 80% and 90% across a range of functional pathologies and rates of 50% and higher for structural pathologies.
Principal elements of HFA include:
Hahnemannian’s eight principles
1. Law of similars
2. Potentised remedy (HFA remedies)
3. Remedies known through provings
4. Remedy selected by totality of symptoms
5. Totality remedy cross matched to miasm (The Chronic Diseases)
6. Stronger suppressing the weaker (applied to facial structure)
7. Single remedy
8. Repeated doses (Organon 6th ed)


  • Case taking – traditional focus on totality (life themes and physical generals)
  • Case analysis – select rubrics from mentals and generals with focus on  distinction, frequency and impact
  • Repertorisation with every case (5 – 9 rubrics) – rubric focus is on objective rather than subjective symptoms whether mental or general (as per Boenninghausen instructions for generalising)
  • Facial analysis with every case – to determine dominant miasm
  • Remedies selected from repertorisation which belong to dominant miasm of patient.


After hearing life themes from patients over more than ten years an interesting pattern emerged. Life themes of patients from the same facial group were surprisingly similar. Knowing that homeopathy always tells us the truth about human existence a study was done to see if there was any correlation between the major epidemics that matched these seven facial groups and the time periods these epidemics were most prominent. A pattern emerged that showed the planet moves in cycles that match these miasms (or colour groups as based on facial structure) and this pattern accounted for not only how individuals behave when under stress but how whole groups in society behave when under stress. A simple pattern that explained events of the last thousand years and even earlier gave an understanding that was both simple and yet insightful. The same energy that dominates the individual also dominates the planet and accounts for group social behaviours as well as individual behaviour. 
Validating this overall matrix were the clinical outcomes that showed that once an accurate miasmatic remedy that also matched totality was given, patients would return calm, clear and more relaxed and even philosophical in how they viewed themselves and their surroundings. The difference between the two states was marked and yet they were still the same person and when they became stressed again would gradually slip back into that prior state unless the right remedy was repeated again. 
These two states were named Soul & Survival. A full examination of both history and clinical information formed the background to explain how humans behave – Soul & Survival. Not Soul or Survival but the inclusion of the & was an important step in understanding. This & allowed for a switch between the two states through energy depletion (towards survival) or through energy enhancement (towards the soul). The correct remedy was giving the patients’ an energetic enhancement or switch to a better state including improvement of physical health often deeper and more quickly than ever experienced before.




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