Which HFA book?

Which book should I order to learn about HFA?


  1. Appearance & Circumstance (2003) – theory of miasms, intro to HFA, basic facial analysis

  2. Homeopathic Facial Analysis (2006) – facial analysis for the clinic

  3. Soul & Survival (2008) – principles of energetic motion and behaviour behind HFA

  4. How Aphorism 27 Changed the World (2012) – detailed examination of The Organon 6th edition (Samuel Hahnemann 1843) in relation to HFA and contemporary Homeopathy

  5. Pandas – Reaching Out – a natural homeopathic approach (2016)

  6. The HFA Workbook (2021) – facial analysis for the clinic (updated from 2006)

  7. HFA in the Clinic - Success & Strategy (2023) - how to integrate the HFA process in the homeopathic clinic


I want to learn HFA for facial analysis for choosing remedies

The HFA Workbook is the latest HFA book for learning facial analysis

HFA in the clinic - Success & Strategy is a companion book to The HFA Workbook

BOTH books will support the student or practitioner through what HFA is and how to use HFA in practice


I am interested in how HFA developed

Appearance and Circumstance explains the bridge between different miasmatic approaches and the early years of HFA (note facial analysis info has been updated since)


I want to learn about the philosophy of the universal forces/energies/survival instinct across the seven color groups (miasms)

Soul & Survival was written for both homeopaths and the general public, to highlight the energies that drive each miasm, including personality under stress and time cycles


I would like to understand how HFA links to Hahnemann and classical homeopathy

How Aphorism 27 Changed the World is an indepth look at the foundatoins of miasm theory and where HFA fits into miasm theory at a contemporary level.


Does the Pandas book help me to understand if homeopathy could help my child with Pans/Pandas or any other behavioural or physical disorder associated with these syndromes?

Pandas - Reaching Out - a natural homeopathic approach is written for patients, parents and practitioners to detail the theory behind Pandas and how homeopathy can help. Case studies are shown but how the remedies are worked out and given is not included. Each remedy is selected via a totality/miasm approach involving facial analysis and a homeopathic repertorization of the case symptoms for that individual. Case studies including remedy choice, HFA process and case management is found in the HFA online courses.


What about the Homeopathic Facial Analysis book?

The Homeopathic Facial Analysis book was written 3 years after Appearance & Circumstance to include the then (2006) latest info on how to apply facial analysis. This book was designed to be used with Appearance and Circumstance but has now been superseded by The HFA Workbook