Frequently Asked Questions

Eighty percent of patients experience moderate to very successful results within four visits.  Over a six month period 95% of children are markedly improved.

Grant Bentley has more than 25 years’ experience and has taught world-wide.  He is the key researcher of the Homeopathic Facial Analysis method (HFA) and has written four books. More info

Homeopathy is known for treating numerous conditions – from acute to chronic.  Our clinic specialises in chronic illnesses such as depression, anxiety, autism, ADHD, PANDAS, chronic fatigue, allergies, food intolerances, behavioural disorders, sleep disorders, respiratory disorders, digestive disorders, skin problems, migraines, chronic infections and more.  If you would like to know about any other conditions please ask.

Yes Grant Bentley is a qualified naturopath and homeopath.

The main form of treatment is with homeopathic remedies but diet and lifestyle issues will be addressed where they are impacting on the patient’s health.

HFA has revolutionized the way constitutional deep acting homeopathic remedies are found for patients.  Facial structure is a key diagnostic to narrowing down remedy choices from hundreds to as few as six to ten.  HFA uses traditional homeopathic methodology (miasm and totality) and brings about deep acting healing responses with most patients and especially with children.

As part of the consultation process you will be asked to have someone else take a series of photos from different angles that highlight your facial structure.  You will be sent specific instructions on how to do this.  Where a patient (usually a child) is very restless a short video can be taken instead.

The waiting time varies however we attempt to fit in new patients within two to four weeks from booking where possible.

Follow up appointments are generally scheduled at four weekly intervals until the case is stable and then stretched to six, eight and twelve weeks.  Where patients become stable for extended periods (dependent on their condition) it is common to not need treatment for periods of six months or more

The first consultation is $180 AUD (approx $160 to $170 USD).  This includes a full case analysis, facial analysis, Skype consultation and remedy selection.  Follow up appointments are $100 AUD (approx. $85-$90 USD) and include a consultation, case management and case analysis and remedy selection where required.

We appreciate at least 48 hours’ notice for a change of appointment.

The appointment is usually done by Skype but where patients are based in Melbourne, Australia they can book to see Grant Bentley in person (Mt Eliza).  Patients may also speak by phone where they do not have Skype facilities.

Yes where possible we try to fit in with your time schedule.  Appointments are conducted as follows

  • Australia – Monday to Friday 10 am till 7 pm
  • USA/Canada – Sunday to Thursday – evenings
  • Europe – Monday to Friday – mornings
  • Asia – Monday to Friday – morning to mid afternoon

Yes.  If you would like to speak with Grant before commencing treatment you can book for a 15 minute pre-interview (Skype or phone only).  There is a $20 USD charge which will be deducted from your first consultation.  Please contact us to arrange the pre-interview time and payment.

Grant Bentley is a classical Hahnemannian practitioner which means every case is looked at individually.  He uses facial analysis to determine the dominant miasm or defence mechanism of the patient and the totality of symptoms to choose the best single remedy.  Only one remedy is prescribed at a time.  No matter what the condition there are no pre-set remedies chosen as individualised homeopathy works more effectively than protocols.

In Australia – the remedy will be sent to you at no extra charge (included with regular appointments)

Outside Australia – remedies can be secured from homeopathic pharmacies world-wide.  Remedies are usually under $20 each plus postage.  Many pharmacies have overnight services.  We can advise the closest pharmacy to you.  Only one remedy is chosen per appointment and often the same remedy is used for a few months.  Occasionally a backup remedy will be suggested along with the main remedy.

You will be booked into the consultation system within two to four weeks of your booking. Once your photos and case proforma have been received you will have a personal discussion via Skype or phone with Grant Bentley to discuss your case information or your child’s case information. Once your appointment is finished you will be emailed which remedy to order within six to twenty-four hours

Yes you can email at any time with questions.  We provide acute remedy choices between appointments at no extra charge.  We usually get an answer to you the same working day but always within 24 hours Monday to Friday (Australian time).  Where possible we provide assistance on weekends

Yes.  Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic and non-chemical.  They are energy extracts from natural substances and do not interfere with conventional medications at all.

Never. It is important to remain on your current medications and only to reduce or withdraw them under the advice of your prescribing medical doctor.  The homeopathic remedies will still work effectively even if you are already on prescribed medications.  Once your health stabilises you can work with your medical doctor to reduce and/or remove your medications.  It is not safe to remove prescribed medications without proper advice.

Yes.  We provide advice for acute treatment between your regular consultations and will advise if you need to seek medical help locally as well as which homeopathic remedy to take.  This service is provided at no extra charge as part of your ongoing treatment plan.

Yes.  Where the patient doesn’t speak English the consultation can still be held with the help of a friend or relative who can interpret.  Even where the non-English speaking patient is located in another part of the world a three-way Skype consultation is effective in conducting the consultation and choosing the right treatment.

Please contact us to be put in contact with patients who will talk independently with you about their treatment

Yes.  It is common and helpful for all family members to get treatment.  When everyone in the same home is in balance and healthy it is easier for each member to maintain better health – both physically and emotionally

Please ask if you require financial support.  In special circumstances we do provide discounts.

It is helpful during the first consultation for the child or elderly patient to be on Skype for a few minutes – especially where there are some questions regarding the facial analysis.  But otherwise consultations can be conducted on their behalf as long as the parent or supporting family member understands the health problems of the patient and can answer questions about symptom presentation.