Anthony Robbins

We have looked at Anthony’s facial analysis from online images and videos. Anthony is a popular motivational speaker and has a lot of energy. See a sample of his face below. HFA has 75 facial features that are used to rate which color group people belong to. Anthony has 27 rateable features.



Yellow energy – 9 features

Red energy – 9 features

Blue energy – 9 features


Where an energy is 1 feature less than, or equal to the leading group of features, it joins the other energies. If a feature is 2 or more behind the leading group, it is not dominant enough to be included. With the Brown group, all features are within 1 point of the leading group or equal to each other.

From his facial analysis, Anthony would belong to the Brown Group

Qualities of Brown people

The 3 universal energies of Yellow, Red and Blue, equalise with each to form a trio energy. Brown people seek harmony as they try to balance these three independent and vastly different energies. Only when all three forces come together does organic matter, life and Brown begin. Outward motion (Yellow) gives life progression and movement, circular motion (Red) provides growth and inward motion (Blue) provides stability. Brown and matter are synonymous and interchangeable.

The three energies within Brown, maintain their energetic balance through perfection and harmony. The cycle of life is implicit within Brown and they understand that disunity leads to breakdown. The weakest link will be catered for; no-one is left behind. “Everyone’s a winner” epitomises the Brown ethic. Brown seek to control themselves and others, in their continuous attempt for inclusion.

Matter matters to everyone but particularly to Brown, and focus on material gain, material security and material excess, is common. Matter is both stable and vulnerable. All matter changes as part of the cycle of birth, growth, death and rebirth. Change is an ever-present aspect of Brown, represented by the cycle of matter within which the strive for self-improvement is natural. Self-improvement is part of the evolution of change. External pressures and changes that are difficult to control, such as those present in the outside world or beyond, such as our climate, become the focus of change solutions but will also invoke fear of change.

Unity for all is a concept which tends to remove boundaries. Lack of boundaries, along with lack of discipline, leads to a free for all approach where the individual imposes their will on the group. Excessive generosity towards self or others, may lead to spoiling and lack of gratitude. Always wanting more but not valuing what is present, forces Brown to re-evaluate. Re-evaluation is an ever-present aspect of the change cycle.

Taking on challenges and being confrontational is a common aspect of Brown. Saying what they want, when they want, confronting others and embracing defiance, go hand in hand. Expecting others to “deal with it” drives the individual to challenge the group continuously in an ever-demanding expectation of the individual rising above the group.

In balance

When their personal energy is flowing, Brown people are generous and embrace everyone they meet. They are productive, seek change that is beneficial and are above all inclusive, making sure that everyone, from the weakest to the strongest is part of their Brown developmental plan.

Out of balance

When personal energy is poor, Brown people often become exhausted and depressed. Over doing everything in their lives, from eating, to entertainment to social media, their energy depletes, and they become overly dependent on others. In their attempt to over individualise, they lose their self-differentiation and become lost within the group. Driven by excess, they seek safe, artificial solutions and move away from energy-giving organic solutions. When Brown is out of balance the organic world can invoke fear. Drugs and the e-world both artificial and energy-depleting are often Brown’s choice of relief.


Brown life theme

Anthony Robbins


Anthony Robbins is known for his high energy and extreme behaviours. He embraces the discipline of early rising and ice pool plunges. He is loud and pushes both himself and his audience to extremes. A highlight of his seminars is walking barefoot over burning hot coals. Challenging both himself and nature, he epitomises Brown energy.

As part of his early years and a tough childhood, he took on early responsibility and sought to prove to himself and others that he was not weak but could be successful. From an early age, he began making (and losing) money until he established a working formula that he promotes and shares with others. Part of his winning formula is to give generously to others. He organises charities which give away millions of meals to the hungry, a theme embedded in his own psyche from a young age, when one year, his family received a surprise thanksgiving donation when they had no food for this special time.

Anthony reflects on the injustice of being poor and how poverty excludes from opportunity. His life theme includes many examples of raising up the weak to become strong. From his seminars, to his charitable endeavours, the theme of challenging to become strong is central to his life work.

Focus on food is common to Brown people. Anthony uses terms like “hungry for meaning” and shares how he was overweight through excessive eating until he took responsibility for himself. During an intense run to the song “Barracuda” (You'd have me down, down, down, down on my knees) he made a list of all the things in life that he wouldn’t settle for anymore and changed who he was in both body and mind. Excess and intensity are part of the Brown psyche. When used for good, change can be phenomenal. Anthony focused on what he could do, and what he could give, and went from earning an average income to being one of the top successful motivational speakers in the world.

More is the mantra of his message. More focus, more outcomes, more meaning, more life force. When managed properly, more is not a dirty word, but a lifegiving abundance of appreciation and outcomes. Anthony lives a life of more and shares his more message with all. Anthony understands that growth is life and he embraces growth both personally and professionally.

Anthony has been through periods of being out of balance. As a teenager he had a human growth hormone problem which led to excessive growth in a short period. In his early adult life, he made, then lost large amounts of money through excessive behaviours. Now, through his regimented routines and embracing extremes in a controlled managed way, he uses his high energy for personal growth, emanating both youthful energy and extreme joy.

Balance and harmony are the core values of Brown. Anthony espouses these virtues through all his activities from lecturing through to his lifestyle.

Awareness of dangers and environment is observed during the (current) Brown time as well as through Brown people. Feeling vulnerable, Brown looks for solutions showing courage and determination. Artificial solutions to natural problems are embraced. Anthony embraces routines that are strict and involves taking on extremes. These solutions hold the underlying tendency to excess with a positive approach – more can be enough. 

General energy concepts

Energy is the basis of all focus and happiness. Without balanced energy, individuals will struggle to know themselves and find themselves, and most importantly, manage themselves.

Anthony Robbins practices many positive actions which remove obstacles to cure – exercise, positive thinking, positive action, health living etc. However, if he were to need a homeopathic remedy for extra balance in his life, here is how we would use HFA to work out a miasm/totality remedy.

Rubrics for Anthony Robbins*

  • High energy (restless)
  • Challenging (desire for change)
  • Loud (speech)
  • Sudden growth (growth disorders)
  • Large appetite (history of, metaphor for the need for more)

Remedies from the Brown group – (Cancer miasm group) that are covered by these five rubrics

Ars Alb, Carc, Silica

*It is always desirable to find some general rubrics associated with a patient's relationship to their immediate environment (weather, temperature, food/drink, times, cycles etc) to put together a complete repertorisation. A complete repertorisation will contain one or two very strong and observable behaviours and four or five generals. The peak generals are modalities associated with symptoms/pathology and or the patient's relationship with their environment.

Creating balanced energy…..


  • Proper sleep – 7-9 hours of deep comfortable sleep and at regular times
  • Fresh air – underrated but extremely important – air from nature – close to trees and water, mountains and the sea – is energetically important
  • Natural whole foods - knowing what your body likes, and more importantly which food it thrives on (different ways of eating suit different people)
  • Movement - from moderate to even-paced – extremes of always sitting/lying or extreme exercise, can lead to exhaustion and be counter-productive. Understanding and actioning the movement/rest cycle that suits you best
  • Meditation – being still and knowing yourself
  • Community/relationship – being around people you enjoy, with common interests – sharing and contributing
  • Work – being grateful for the ability to work and acknowledging how that work supports you in life

Help from others

  • Counselling – helpful for many but more often for women. Many men (not all), prefer diversion and action to talking. Knowing who you are means seeking help that is truly helpful to you.

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