Beverly Isla



To Beverly, living a fast paced, demanding lifestyle was an achievement. It meant progress. Being an overachiever, her ideals of juggling multiple projects, hobbies, personal life, and fitness goals took a toll on her stress levels. Her to-do list was too long to take a break and eventually led to a breakdown & health warnings.  “I realized although I was active, young, and health conscious, my high standards made me neglect time for rest. My body started showing symptoms I didn't think could happen to me.” 

Treating and preventing those symptoms through the root cause is what attracted Beverly to use Homeopathic Facial Analysis in her practice. “I can live and help others live a busy, demanding lifestyle without sacrificing mind and body."

"I came across Grant's material online and it wasn't until it kept popping up in my email where I was nudged to look into it more. At that time, I was in my second year homeopathic studies and I was really open to learning a method that can provide faster and easier ways to case analysis and prescribing. After the course, I immediately applied it to my externship clinical cases and boy, did I see a difference between my first year clinical extern and second! Instead of hit and miss, I saw great improvement in all my cases. I am so happy I learned HFA. I hope more homeopaths will be open to the HFA method."

Currently, Beverly is co-founder of the Pamper Me Network, an internet and mobile advertising co-operative to help experts with lead generation. She is also marketing/communications for the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. When time permits, Beverly takes on private clients and uses the HFA method every single time. 


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