Celebrity Facial Analysis

Remember with HFA (Homeopathic Facial Analysis) there are …


Three primary energies

  1. Outward motion (like sun energy)
  2. Circular motion (like planet energy)
  3. Inward motion (like gravity energy)


One of these energies could be dominant in a person or 2 of the 3 could combine (3 duo energies) or the seventh group was made up of equal parts of all 3 energies.

We renamed these energies

  1. Yellow – outward motion
  2. Red – circular motion
  3. Blue – inward motion
  4. Orange – outward/circular motion
  5. Purple – circular/inward motion
  6. Green – outward/inward motion
  7. Brown – outward/circular/inward motion


People from each group look at life through the same prism or window and this window is different to the other six groups. In the clinic, we hear stories and individual reactions to stress. We look at the facial structure of the person – which tells us which group they belong to – and choose a remedy from that group to help bring about personal balance in mind, emotions and body.

We know from the clinic that even as facial structure change with age, it still remains within the group to which each of us was born with. This energy rules our survival instinct or miasm.


What does this mean for the clinic?

The color group we belong to tells us which group of remedies will best suit our case – working at a deep level – mind, emotions and body – all with the one constitutional remedy or sometimes a few remedies from our miasm group, given one at a time, over time as required.

Every patient should have a homeopath who understands the miasm/totality method using HFA with facial analysis.

We return to our reason gifted mind and our soul when…

  • We know who we are and what we want
  • We take action that is within the realm of our own strengths and weaknesses
  • We re-energise ourselves (good food, good company, good sleep, good air, good movement and an energetic medicine such as a homeopathic remedy which resonates to us)


Soul & Survival the book was published in 2008. Grant wrote this book as patients wanted to understand what their face was telling him and about “their color”. He did not put homeopathy into the book as it would have meant another layer of information. The book is rich with information, with focus on the survival instinct and energy aspects of each color group.

As busy homeopaths, we have not done any true marketing of this book. In 2018, a small group of us decided it was time to share this information with the world. It has changed our lives and we hope it will be of great importance to others.


Let’s look at someone famous and how we would look at their face – and their case – using the HFA method.


Russell Brand


Anthony Robbins