Dorthe case face

Dorthe shares her case in an HFA training session. Her symptoms include migraines, bleeds and heavy sensations.

Day 2 on XXX 30c short update: Feeling really good. Bloating less. More energy at yoga last night. Did not feel exhausted and irritated by the work out. Softer breathing - as if my abdomen has become softer and letting the air all the way down.

2 weeks later - PS: doing very good on XXX 30c! Only very light migraine when I expected a heavy one. And a lot of other great stuff going on. Looking forward to our follow up.


First case intake February 2023


“Remedy started our really nicely – could feel an energy shift – within the same day – more energy – could breath more easily – and felt happy inside – striking feeling”


Second case intake March 2023