HFA and nosodes

HFA regards a nosode the same as an animal, mineral, plant, sarcode or imponderable. A remedy that has a proving and is part of our homeopathic pharmacopeia. Nosodes are as special as any other remedy because all remedies are exceptional - especially if they are the remedy you or your patient needs. All remedies have special value. If they rep and they match the face, they are given as a remedy.

Each of the seven miasms has a group of remedies allocated to it – most of the polychrests – HFA is always trying to allocate more remedies but most patients do very well on a polychrest. Some of the colour groups have more minerals or more plants. Some have no animal remedies, others have some. There is no rule as to the material allocation of a substance to any miasm. This is a common practice in other contemporary models. We do not regard classification via the material world as having any relationship to classification in the energetic world.

In conclusion

  • A remedy is an energetic substance made from a previously material substance from any origin – the origin has no impact on any category
  • A remedy has a proving to produce symptoms
  • A miasm/colour group is a defence mechanism or blueprint that is found in all nature – within both people and substances
  • The miasm/colour group/defence mechanism/survival instinct (all the same thing – different names) is formed in the shape of the internal energy of that miasm/colour group/defence mechanism/survival instinct
  • Structure is broken down to make energy
  • Energy is built up to make structure
  • Every remedy belongs to one miasm/colour group
  • Every person belongs to one miasm/colour group
  • People via their facial structure have a pattern that is formed by the blueprint of the internal energy
  • Facial structure is a diagnostic for the dominant miasm of a patient - to be used in conjunction with a totality repertorization


When we match the totality of the remedy – via a repertorisation – with the blueprint of the face – we can find remedies that work. A remedy that matches both totality and miasm goes deeper and further than totality or miasm on their own.

Hence, we don’t give nosodes any special consideration other than they rep and match the face. We consider them to be as remarkable as any other well repertorized, miasmatically (via the face) matched remedy.

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