HFA elements


HFA methodology is a subjective straightforward way of choosing remedies.  Students of homeopathy will recognise Hahnemanns style of homeopathy along with Boenninghausen plus two new additions - life themes and facial analysis.  HFA is a consistent way of applying homeopathy.



Element of practice HFA Contemporary
Case taking Totality/generals Essence/mentals
Case focus Observation/fact Subjective
Mind Life themes Emotions
Repertorisation Large generals Small specifics
Miasm Facial structure Disease interpretation
Posology Daily energy Varied
Remedies Energy substance Personality




Case taking

The HFA focus is on the general patterns of the case - the true totality based on how the patient reacts to their environment - both physically and energetically.

Case focus

HFA teaches the practitioner to focus on what they really know is part of the case.  Observable facts rather than subjective interpretations.

The mind

HFA includes the mind but only from an observable point of view.  Life themes are important sign posts to the overall pattern of the mind.  Repeating events and their impact are more tangible than emotional reaction alone.


Repertories include thousands of pieces of information but not everything has been proven or even included in all appropriate rubrics.  Using large general rubrics allows for the missing components and ensures quality remedies are kept in view.


Hahnemann's missing link to chronic disease is a vital piece of each case analysis.  Facial structure determines the energetic motion of the patient which is in turn matched to the energetic motion or force of well known and well proven remedies.


HFA determines that all chronic disease has an energy drain or erratic energy base.  Posology is tailored to reflect this outcome in the patient and frequent dosing of lower potencies is used to energetically rebalance and restore health.


HFA reminds practitioners that remedies are broader and more generalised than limited personality pictures.  Personality is an individual part of each patient that is much deeper than a remedy even though a well selected remedy can restore the natural indwelling postive personality of a patient.  This positive personality is inherent in all of us but often out of reach due to stress, imbalance and subsequent protective behaviours. A well chosen totaliy/miasm remedy will often release this stressful negative behaviour and release the best person we can be.



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