Louise Bentley



Louise has been practising homeopathy since 1996. She graduated from the Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy and has been the training and administrative manager since 2001. Alongside her partner Grant Bentley, she has been instrumental in the development and promotion of the Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) system. This has included the production and editing of the four HFA books, the creation of HFA software, the development and management of the college’s three websites and clinical training program, and management of the college’s online training program. She has recently hosted the Advanced Practitioner Course in homeopathy and HFA now available online.

Louise was the president on the Australian Homeopathic Association (Vic) 2001-2003.

She was taught classical homeopathy and spent her first years in practice as an essence prescriber. Like many other VCCH graduates, she transformed her clinic through introducing HFA principles and practices to her patients and saw the consistently reproducible and deep acting results that surpassed any of the previously learned methods she had worked with.

“The homeopathic profession is very fragmented by all the methods that have developed in an attempt to know remedies. Yet Hahnemann outlined two basic principles that lead to successful remedy choices in patients with (non-contagious) chronic disease - the miasm and totality (combined). HFA successfully brings these two principles together in one method, which we have seen consistently work for more than a decade in both our own clinics and those of practitioners worldwide. It is my mission to ensure that the profession not only hears about HFA but has a chance to learn it properly, and to connect again to the roots of this wonderful health system that swept the world 150 years ago.”

Louise is the current training manager of VCCH and published her first HFA book in 2021 - The HFA Workbook


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