Miasms in the clinic


Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) system is a breakthrough in miasmatic understanding and makes the practice of homeopathy much easier and more successful. The reasons for this are -

HFA is based on natural law – we are products of both nature (our genetic base or miasm) and nurture (our environment or totality of symptoms especially generals/modalities). When both aspects are taken into consideration (as Hahnemann suggested) we find remedies that lock at key on both levels at the same time. Remedies that only match one of these aspects only work partially if at all or don’t hold for long periods.
Our genetic base can be read from our face. Energy forms structure and our face is a reflection of the energy within us (our miasmatic energy). In the same way as our face shows our dominant miasm so too do remedies have a dominant miasm.
Pathology is the last factor in understanding the health paradigm – not the first. This is extremely important because almost every miasmatic method or interpretation puts pathology as the cause – rather than the outcome. The pathway is as follows - patient (formed from both nature and nuture elements) becomes stressed (from any number of sources from emotional, to physical, to environmental) and in response to that stress pathology begins.
The internal energy (miasm) of the patient works as per the current understanding of epigenetics – that is our genes are fixed but they can functionally modify given the right instruction – stress switches on the genes while our correct remedy gives switches off but does not remove the genes.
The HFA model recognises the far reaching insight and instructions of Hahnemann while embracing scientific understanding of genetic modification.  The older pathological interpretation of miasms do not account for the growth in scientific understanding of our times. Hahnemann never got stuck without moving on and we are sure he would approve of this development. In essence genes cannot be removed  but can be modifed. Miasms can't be removed but can be "switched off" when the energetic base of the miasm is understood.
When the HFA model is applied correctly 80% or more of patients with chronic disease will experience significant improvement within 1-4 remedies
HFA principles allow practitioners to apply the model of homeopathy with confidence and assurance – HFA has been tested for more than ten years on thousands of patients (now been taught in 19 countries)