What is homeopathy - a biased opinion




it just dawned on me that if it was true … and it's a big if … but if it was true that a miasm created and formed facial features in their own design to the degree of which they exert their influence … then theoretically if you could read what each miasm was imprinting … you could not only tell the signs of the miasm … but you could tell too how dominant it was.  And so, the more syphilitic features for example … that would be on a face … theoretically the more syphilitically dominant that person would be. So, then I started thinking to myself … well considering that Hahnemann absolutely stresses over and over and over again … in the 6th edition of the Organon … the absolute importance of any constitutional treatment to have its basis in the miasms …


… if you are doing chronic prescribing … Hahnemann is absolutely adamant that the difference is the inclusion of the miasm into the process – and that you must choose a remedy that is miasmatically suitable to the patient.


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