A Puppy Gets Sick for No Reason

You know that type of case – with almost no symptoms and no reason (acute or chronic?) for occurring, the patient can’t speak…. so, your average homeopathic nightmare!

This is why we love HFA. It is such a helpful system for finding accurate, deep and fast acting remedies – and in this recent case – the first remedy tried.

Marvin is a 7-month-old Border Collie/Cocker Spaniel cross puppy. He is super friendly and quite hardy. He was neutered at 5 months and had a few doses of Arnica and was bouncing around with no need for the painkillers advised, straight after leaving the vet surgery. He eats well and plays with his 4-year-old companion Border Collie non-stop. He is very happy and hardy and has never showed any sign of illness at all. He eats a raw Barf diet and has an excellent appetite.

So, last week, when he didn’t bounce out to meet us first thing in the morning, it was unusual. But he seemed ok and nothing else was amiss until he was offered some food. Usually, he would gobble it up, but this morning, he wasn’t interested. He got in his travel box and curled up and slept for a while. We kept an eye on him but there was nothing else happening. A couple of hours later he had two small vomits on the deck – watery and slightly yellow. His large dinner, the previous night, had obviously digested.

With this type of case – human or animal – unless you have already treated the patient and know which type of remedies suit them, and most particularly, what their dominant miasm is, there is nothing to do but watch and wait. Another two hours and there was no change, he didn’t want anything to eat but occasionally took some water from his drinking bowl.


We decided to first work out his miasm. We had discussed what it might be previously, but as he had never needed a remedy, a proper analysis hadn’t been done. How do you do a dog’s facial analysis? We have only done a few animals over the years, but apply the same strategy as we do for people; shape and size of features, allocate each obvious feature to its relevant primary miasm (psora Y, sycosis R, syphilis B) and see which of the three primary miasms is dominant – or two if they are close – or maybe even three – if within one feature of each other.


Here is Marvin’s facial analysis…

NAME    Marvin – 7-month-old puppy

DATE    15th December 2019



YELLOW (psora) Y1

RED (sycosis) R3

BLUE (syphilis) B5-6


Ears position

Nose shape

Teeth – very sharp (not seen in photo)



Single line

Ears size



Bridge shape/distance

Forehead shape




Eyes position




Eyes shape






We felt comfortable the miasm was Blue (syphilitic miasm). The photos were taken the next day as while he was sick, he didn’t want to sit up.


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The symptoms were vague, so we decided to start with Merc Sol 200 in water and see what happened next. The remedy was made up in a glass of water and stirred – an eyedropper was used to administer the dose. He would only allow it to be splashed on his nose. We gave a dose about every half hour.

In the first hour, there was no real change, although he did get up and have a big drink of water.

In the second and third hour, he slept quite deeply (especially for the afternoon). At 4 ½ hours, we were considering our next option, when he just stood up and walked over to be patted. We gave him some soft food and he ate a little and took some milk (he never has milk, but we figured it might be nice for his stomach). Soon after, all his energy returned. He started playing and then had a small dinner which was soon topped up to his usual larger-sized dinner as he wasn’t struggling at all. All the meat and bones were eaten and he began to frolic with his big sister.

He slept through the night with no issues and had another 2 doses the following morning as he seemed slightly more tired than usual. Then from mid-morning, he was the same bouncy, healthy dog we are so used to. And completely well since.

This is HFA Homeopathy in action. The facial analysis tells us the miasm and then we have only a few remedies that will match the case. Easy to choose and fantastic results – a reminder how wonderful and universal Homeopathy is and how structural shape is also universal.

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