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The Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy has provided quality training in Homeopathy since 1989.  VCCH is known worldwide for its ground-breaking research into facial structure and the underlying defence mechanism of the patient (miasm).

The college is currently offering online training programes and workshops in Homeopathic Facial Analysis.  These courses cover how to take a case, how to analyse a case, how to do facial analysis and how to manage a case.
Courses are offered in a recorded format from previously run live classes and online at your own pace.  Students have full flexibility in viewing their course content online and 8 months duration to complete the course from their starting date.
CPD and student/professional points are accepted for these courses by AROH and CHC (check with your local association or college for acceptance of online homeopathic training from VCCH)
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HFA TRAINING - 40 CLASSES (SHORT CLASSES, FACIAL ANALYSIS, CASES - 30 hours in total - at your own pace)
New summary of the HFA Foundation Course
New classes recorded 2021
Classes from 20-50 minutes long
Latest repping and case management tips   
HFA TRAINING - 21 CLASSES (LONG CLASSES, FACIAL ANALYSIS, CASES AND 400 PAGE WEBSITE - 80 hours in total - at your own pace)

21 week online foundation HFA course

(15 classes clinical training + 6 classes Soul & Survival principles) - longer slower 2 hours classes - recorded in 2011 - for an in-depth look at HFA

(40 classes including facial analysis, case taking, case repping, case management)
Suited to
New students to Homeopathy (best after Intro Course - see below)
Students brushing up their HFA skills
Students who want to get to clinical level in under 100 hours


INTRODUCTION COURSE - HOMEOPATHY & HFA (7.5 hours in total - at your own pace)
(This course is suitable for a short introduction into HFA including for those who have no previous homeopathic training)
Introduction to Homeopathy & HFA

Introduction to Homeopathy & HFA 

(10 classes - recorded)







Held in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia - accommodation and meals included




I did this course having no background in homeopathy, the main experience I previously had with homeopathy is that it had worked wonders for my daughter's severe eczema that pediatricians and dermatologists weren't able to control. I had a busy Bowen Therapy clinic for 7 years and wanted to learn how to incorporate homeopathy into my practice. After speaking to a homeopath and doing a bit of research, I heard that many long homeopathy courses included a lot of content that was not practical for clinical use and I just wanted to focus on learning a system that could get me results in the clinic. 

After doing this 100 hour course, I was able to start effectively treating clients using homeopathy and have been getting some very impressive results. The teachers are very experienced and knowledgeable, and together with their very quick responses to my questions during the course that I asked over email, I felt confident in my ability to learn this system well. The system of homeopathy they teach (HFA) is actually quite easy to learn, it just takes some practice to become more confident over time.    Louis Attard (Bach.Comp Sci, Dip. BT)

Thank you for a wonderful and valuable course! It gave me much more than I had anticipated. I particularly liked your down-to-earth approach, de-mystifying key questions of potencies, repertorisations, posology and more. Before finding HFA, I wasn't sure whether I would be able to incorporate homeopathy successfully in my Clinic. But now I feel I have a manageable, practical and systematic method that I feel confident using.The real proof, of course, will be how the HFA method actually proves itself as I start using it in my Clinic. Thank you for the inspiration and the HFA method you have developed!

Karl-Gustav Helmersson, Sweden